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warparty 10-05-2005 11:07 PM

What is your Native American blood line?
what is your native american bloodline?

LeaAnn 10-06-2005 08:19 AM


HurtingMomInMI 10-06-2005 09:57 PM


wee b 10-07-2005 08:26 AM


Ravenslove 10-10-2005 11:36 AM


Wingy 10-11-2005 06:25 AM

my great grandmother, a full blood Abenaki woman from Quebec was moved to Boston when she married a white man...His family did not want the neighbors to know so they were set up in Boston...My great grandmom's family followed them to Boston when they heard of the work available in the city

lilithinwaiting 10-12-2005 03:08 PM


Been There 2 10-12-2005 09:28 PM

Ani Yunwiya, Eastern Tsalagi

Wingy 10-13-2005 12:43 PM

Welcome Been there!!!! are you fluent in the language???? the abenaki have a cant know us til you know ourl language...

Been There 2 10-13-2005 08:34 PM


Originally Posted by Wingy
Welcome Been there!!!! are you fluent in the language???? the abenaki have a cant know us til you know ourl language...

If old Sequoiah hadn't been messing in that white man's type box I might be, but an A will still sound like "Ah", a W will be a "wa", etc. Too damn old to try and learn it all at once.

Kissymissy 10-14-2005 02:47 PM


Wingy 10-15-2005 09:14 AM

I know what you mean, been there...I have been struggling for getting to the point where i can understand a lot, just thru word recognition...but speaking my ancestors language is well, i am not going to say impossible...but there are lot of days i dont ever think i will get inflections or emphasis and pronunciations right...I know though, when i try i can really make some BIG mistakes

Dark_Angel003 10-17-2005 10:02 PM


tunaboat 10-19-2005 03:23 PM

Cupa and Lusieno

Lillybee 10-20-2005 07:35 PM

I am a African American woman. My great grandfather (on mother's side) was an Indian who married African American woman.

kcdarkangel 12-10-2005 12:08 PM


I want to say that I feel very drawn to the spirit these days, because My Chai is a Hmong shaman. Although he's Hmong...some of the things are so similar from what I learned from my mom, aunt, and grandma. I'm dreaming and experiencing things I never, ever dreamed were possible to be connected with him....and we are more connected every day! What a huge blessing! :D

samsfi 12-13-2005 06:15 PM

I'm adopted and although my records state Native American from both sides it's tribe unknown-- by looking at me and the fact I'm from Ok. I'd say most likely Cherokee as my features are right on for that tribe.
My man is Cherokee- wolf clan-- and is fairly fluent in the language. He got home a month ago and is trying to teach it to me-- I speak Italian and bits of a few other languages but man--- Cherokee is kicking my behind--
It's so different from latin based- or romance languages that I'm used to.
He just gave me a tatt on my ring finger in Cherokee that says 'I love you' and I've pretty much got saying it correctly down-- but he's a task master if I don't get it 100% correct I have to try again-- but hey it's the best way to learn.
In fact he refused to even give it to me until I could say it perfectly and that took me a week or two to get it down-- like I said I'm good with foreign languages but this is a whole different ballgame--
I'm really interested in it and will continue to work on it-- I can't wait until I can read it and speak it well enough that no one laughs at me!!!!

HeSoHandsome 12-13-2005 08:48 PM

My grandmother's grandmother was all Indian but I don't know what tribe she was from.

niypiya 12-13-2005 09:30 PM

Plains Cree from the First Nations In Alberta Canada.

luvzreeceycups 12-19-2005 01:10 PM

I'm Coast Salish from BC, Canada and my man is Lakota Sioux ..his dad is full sioux..and from his momz side he is omaha and blackfoot

kaalilsis 12-19-2005 01:33 PM

Cherokee Nation Spiro ok

Bella521 12-26-2005 03:29 PM

I am Mohawk Indian from the Iriquois Nation! Also I am from the bear clan. My grandmothers maiden name is Cross, for Cross the River! My grandmother is full blooded and they grew up on the reservation in Canada.

God Bless

Wingy 01-02-2006 02:40 AM

Hi and welcome all you new folks!! I havent been around much, but I am sure glad your here!!! I am looking forward to sharing with you all!!! as soom as life cams down here!!!

AngelLove143 01-02-2006 02:45 AM


Iamlynnie 01-04-2006 09:15 AM

Shawnee from Mothers side

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