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dlee 02-10-2019 01:27 PM

The day is with sunshine
people are laughing in the park
your world has no
your world is
only dark.
The numbness wakes you up
your will
the reality
the mourning process
has yet to begin
tears blind your eyes
to see,
Somewhere in the heavens
an angel is making her
Shes ask God to please
let her visit youi.
She comes and strokes yoiur
face and whispers
everythings going
going to be okay,
'daddy dont miss me
because I never went away"

For my uncle Mike
regarding his daughter Denise

Love Donna

maytayah 02-10-2019 01:30 PM

That is a very moving poem,thank you for sharing.

joyjoy22 02-11-2019 09:39 PM

That was such a heartwarming poem, I can feel so much inspiration on this poem of yours.

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