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patchouli 03-15-2020 10:04 PM

Louisiana DOC Suspends Visits, Angola's Spring Rodeo postponed indefinitely
From Louisiana DOC's website:

DOC Suspends Visitation, Tours, & Volunteering at Louisiana's State-Run Prisons

Angola's Spring Rodeo postponed indefinitely

BATON ROUGE, La. – Out of an abundance of caution concerning COVID-19, commonly known as coronavirus, the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections has suspended prisoner visitation, tours, and volunteering for 30 days at Louisiana's eight state-run prisons, and has indefinitely postponed Angola's spring rodeo. While there have been no confirmed cases COVID-19 inside of these institutions, the Department has made this decision to protect the vulnerable incarcerated populations, staff, and to help reduce the spread of this disease. The Department will reevaluate in 30 days visitation, volunteers, tours and the spring rodeo.

Louisiana Department of Public Safety & Corrections inmate notification of visiting (PDF)

To ensure we are protecting staff and our prison population based on the latest information available on Coronavirus (COVID-19) and its impact in Louisiana, we are moving into the next step of our response for our Department:

1.Effective immediately, all visiting is suspended at state prisons. You are encouraged to contact your family immediately to notify them of this decision and urge them not to travel to the prisons until notification that visiting has resumes. We will review the decision on visitation restriction every 30 days until the threat subsides.

a.For all intent and purposes, attorney visits are included in this restriction. We will review attorney visit requests on a case by case basis to review the impact of delaying the visit when necessary. In the rare instance these visits are approved to proceed, the attorney will be screened upon arrival following the existing protocols (meaning they can be turned away if they meet certain indicators of infection). If the attorney is approved to enter the facility, the visit will be conducted as a non-contact visit.

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