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Pijo 05-21-2016 02:17 AM

Enlarged Pores and red skin
Hey peeps,

Maybe someone has any idea how to get rid off my enlarged pores and red skin in my face?

I tried creme but some creme is burning on my skin a lot!

Did anyone of u tried oil?


maytayah 05-21-2016 05:32 AM

Hi you may have a condition called Rosacea. It a redness of the skin along with sometimes spots or enlarged blood vessels. It can be treated and you should see your doctor.
It can be caused by stress, sunlight, caffeine , alcohol and some foods.
I would see your doctor for treatment especially if it is stinging and causing discomfort.

miamac 05-21-2016 12:36 PM

I have rosacea, it runs in my family. I wasn't excited about treating it with medication so I researched a little and decided to avoid my trigger foods and see if it improved. Definitely did.

I still eat these foods, but in very limited quantities and only on occasion. For me, they're cow's milk, spicy foods, sugar, and caffeine.

I also found that most heavily scented face products make it worse so I stick to unscented, sensitive skin formulas (like Eucerin). I can spot treat with salicylic acid and if my skin seems irritated, I use full-fat greek yogurt and honey as a mask. If I get too much sun, I moisturize at night with coconut oil. And as hard as it is, don't scrub or use abrasive exfoliators.

As Maytayah suggested, I would still see your doctor about it (a dermatologist would be ideal) and let them educate you and give you options. But for me, the medication wasn't the right choice.

Pijo 05-22-2016 02:36 PM

Thanks for ur help.


I still eat these foods, but in very limited quantities and only on occasion. For me, they're cow's milk, spicy foods, sugar, and caffeine.
Okay, except for sugar and very rarely spicy food, I dont eat any of these foods.

My skin is not red always but u are right, Im gonna see a doctor as soon as possible.

I will also try your mask and the cocounut oil. Ive heard that oil is better than any creme if I have rosacea!

I will keep u updated!

Forget to ask: What kind of make up do u use to cover it up?

miamac 05-22-2016 02:53 PM


Originally Posted by Pijo (Post 7535120)
Forget to ask: What kind of make up do u use to cover it up?

Honestly, I quit trying to cover it up. I've never been a heavy makeup person anyway, so it seems like covering frustrates me and then up goes my stress around it. I use a tinted moisturizer-- CoverGirl, but I'm sure there are better brands ingredient fits my budget and doesn't flare it up. And then I use mineral makeup. I've used bareMinerals and this shop off Etsy. I like the Etsy seller and she does amazing sample sizes for a very low cost.

Any type of liquid or pancake foundation just seems to clog my skin and make it worse so I've quit using them.

Aphra 05-27-2016 05:04 PM

I also had rosacea (aka adult acne) and I did take the medicine (prescription antibiotic oral capsules) and it worked great for me. It's a condition that can last for a long time. Mine was for years but has since gone away. Most often in men, if left untreated, it can eventually cause a bulbous nose. Some famous men afflicted with severe cases of it were W. C. Fields and railroad tycoon J. P. Morgan. I would definitely recommend seeing a dermatologist, or perhaps even your primary care physician could diagnose and offer options. Having your face often feeling flush, hot or stinging with redness are good early symptoms and clues. Your age can also be a factor for likelihood in determining diagnosis.

As for enlarged pores, I once discussed this with with a good doctor whose practice focused on cosmetic improvement and plastic surgery, including reconstructive. There are some products on the market that can help to tighten pores, but only moderately. If you have one or more very large pores, those products may help somewhat, but it's unlikely that they would ever be really significantly reduced or eliminated. In the case of just one or two, a plastic surgeon can make a very small incision and close it, leaving something less aesthetically noticeable than the hole in the tissue that was there before. For whole patches of generally enlarged pores like on the cheeks, some laser skin resurfacing with that thing they use that reminds me of sand blasting, lol, don't remember what it's called but might help, but that's just me guessing it might, I wasn't actually told that. I think it's an option similar to, but maybe not as drastic as an acid peel can be.

Alternatively, there are also some make-up product lines that offer a "pore filler". I tried one from Clinique that I thought worked surprisingly well (I have 2 large pores). But, you'd have to use it repetitively, every time you do your make-up. It's just a temporary cover up.

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