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Rider4Life 08-21-2004 02:05 AM

Salvation Army rehab questions
Does anyone have any information on what it's like at the Salvation Army Rehab facilities? My hubby just got moved to the one in Oakland, Ca. from County Jail. So... is rehab better than jail? I could tell that this rehab is really religious, and I know that that's probably bugging my man because he's not religious at all. Any info would be appreciated on what it's like in rehab though. Thanks! :thumbsup:

proud grannie 08-21-2004 09:42 PM

I do not know anything about this rehab but on the part about being religious--when one developes a relationship with God they are better able to deal with their drug problems etc. That part will do him some good if he will just follow up.
Proud grannie

Sunnie 08-22-2004 12:21 AM

I am looking for a web page for Salvation Army and cannot find one.
I have heard this is a very good program using drug treatment, drug education, work ethics and religion together to acheive the desired result. Like ANY drug treatment program he goes to, he will either take what he needs from there to obtain sobriety or he will use whatever he can as an excuse as WHY this can't and won't work.
The fact he was willing to go is a good sign, because although he is being forced to go as part of his parole he doesn't HAVE to go. Tell him to let the program work with him and not to try and change the program which has worked for millions of men.

Good luck to both of you and I will see about getting some information for you to look at.

Lysbeth 08-22-2004 12:25 AM

Rider - yes, rehab (and just about ANYTHING) is better than jail.

As for the Salvation Army rehab programs - my ex hit bottom around five years ago and it was one of the SA rehab programs he went into. After the initial phase of the program he remained there several more months in post-treatment and was able to return to college studies while living there. It did him a world of good - last I heard he was still clean and sober, and he just got his master's degree this past spring.

He is also not religious at ALL but I never heard any complaints from him along those lines about the program while he was there.

Good luck and best wishes to you and yours...

Rider4Life 08-22-2004 02:40 AM

Thank you all for your comments,... I'm Roman Catholic, so I do have some conflicting issues with the Christian teachings, which is what the S.A. teaches, but if he finds comfort and healing in that then I'm all for it... just as long as he starts to believe in something because I think that will help him find faith and he'll start believing in himself more. I did do some searching on the web, and have visited the facility,... it seems like such a good place to rehabilitate, so spread the word to those looking for a good rehab. Check it out for yourselves....

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California Sunshine 08-22-2004 09:21 PM

My boyfriend was in a SA program in Northern Cali some years back and it was a good program.They worked and attended classes and meetings,got meals and clothes and after a certain amount of days they were allowed visitors and day passes.They had a nice graduation ceromony at the end of the program

Suziesus1 03-02-2019 12:47 AM

How do visitation and day pass work for Salvation Army rehab in California
How does visitation and day pass work in (SA) Salvation Army rehab in California

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