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Amandainohio 08-10-2019 12:14 AM

Question about “good time”
Question about this:

5120-2-05 Time off for good behavior.
(A) Except as provided elsewhere in this rule, an offender serving a felony sentence in a correctional facility operated by the department of rehabilitation and correction may, by faithfully observing the rules of the institution, earn a deduction of up to thirty per cent of his minimum or definite sentence. The total amount of time that may be deducted from the offender's sentence shall be prorated and shall be awarded monthly for obeying the rules of the institution for that month.

My question is my LO was sentenced to 4 years but has credit for almost a year from county. At a 4 year sentence if I am doing the math right it would mean approximately 438 days off the time he would need to serve or would it be based off of him having a little over 3 years left and take off 328 days?

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