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miamac 11-07-2019 10:16 PM

Fall/Winter Joys, Concerns and Prayer Circle 2019
In this sacred gathering may the joyful find space to praise...
May the inquirers feel safe to question...
May the lonely find the touch of a friend...
May the singers be given a tune to sing...
May the lost discover the way...
And may we all experience the strength of community.

As a reminder:
If you need a prayer/good thought/healing energy (whatever term your faith or tradition embraces), it is welcome here.

If you have a joy that you want to share, here's the spot.

This is for all denominations and traditions.
There will be no debating of whose truth is "right".
This won't be a good place for asking questions about the details of another's religious/spiritual practices, just a safe space for dropping your cares and counting your blessings.

miamac 11-07-2019 10:24 PM

My heart is hurting tonight. My former father in law, a man who treated me as family from the first day and never stopped even when the marriage did, has had a massive stroke. A coach, author and speaker who took his love of long distance runs into prisons to offer a focus for men in need; he has the heart of a lion in the body of a humble messenger. God, you blessed me by bringing Joe into my life. Please be with him tonight as he struggles to express his fears, ease his confusion and place peace in his mind so he may rest and recover. We are not ready to see this gentle man leave and we're struggling with trusting Your greater plan. Lord, please place skilled staff around him and surround the family with loving supporters. Amen.

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