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bobble60 09-30-2018 07:51 AM

Smart Communications for DOC mail
This thread will be for posts related to your experiences with the new mail policy.

Smart Communications is a Florida-based "family owned" company. The "family" are former corrections workers, and one of their job titles includes the term "lieutenant." Enough said.

While the DOC promised that any mail returned to the sender would have an explanation attached, that isn't the case. I send about ten letters per week to inmates around PA; most have comes back simply stamped "Return to Sender." There is no pattern as to which ones were delivered and which ones were returned even though my PC addresses all the envelopes the same way.

You can go to the Smart Communications website here: You can then create a "Mail Guard" account which allows you to track the mail you send and see when it is delivered. They also say you will see when mail is rejected and why as well as be able to retrieve an electronic copy. You will be issued a "MG#" that you place in your return address.

With a bit of digging, I found their phone number: 888-253-5178. I suggest people call them whenever something is rejected and also document the rejection. The more they reject mail, the stronger the push to change the policy.

I emailed them about the seven unopened letters that came back to my box on the same day and they quickly reached out to me for pictures of the envelopes.

Beware that the address you use to send mail is not identical to the one you are asked to use! The inmate return address puts his name and DOC number on the second line and the facility name on the third; you are supposed to do the opposite. I don't know if this is the reason they are rejecting mail but it's one of the questions we are submitting to both them and the DOC.

Please post your experiences and concerns here so that we can work together.


dbruce16947 10-04-2018 10:48 PM

I have a mail guard tracker number and account and have sent mail from Pennsylvania to my inmate at SCI Camphill Daily since 9/25/2018 . No mail has yet been tracked in as received by Smart Communications in Florida as of 10/5 /2018 . I have emailed Smart Communications 4 times since 10/1/2018 and called them twice , once on 10/3/18 and again on 10/4/18 . They say they will check into my issue and call me back but they do not , nor do they reply to my email . I called the mail room at SCI Camp Hill and they confirmed that they have received no mail for my inmate from Smart Communications. My mail and return address ,complete with my mail guard tracker number is addressed exactly correctly per the instructions on the PA DOC web page , their Facebook page and their “ twitter “ message as well per the instructions in my mail guard tracker account . It has been 2 weeks and my inmate has received NO mail from home . I can not get a response from Smart Communications. It’s very frustrating as my inmate does not yet home their phone list approved . When he left for Camp Hill the family promised to write daily and we have . He is left thinking we have forgotten him most likely which is so sad for a new inmate , in his first prison stay ever . Has anyone else experienced this issue ? Thank you so much !

dbruce16947 10-05-2018 11:43 PM

Update - My mail sent 9/23 was processed and sent to the facility on 10/5 by Smart Communications .

dbruce16947 10-06-2018 12:02 AM

Please note that 9/23 was a Sunday and Smart Communications sent the mail to Camp hill on 10/5 . I have a mail guard tracker account so I can see the mail was postmarked the day it was picked up on 9/24 and it was actually postmarked in Harrisburg on 9/24 where SCI Camp Hill is located . As the mail had to go to Florida first to Smart Communications, it took an addictional 11 days to go to Florida and then sent to the facility from Smart Communications. It will take 2 more days for the inmate to receive it so mail sent from home in North East PA on 9/24 took 12 days to go out to Camp Hill from Smart Communications in Florida. . It will likely be Monday 10/8 ( state holiday ) or 10/9 when the inmate receives it so it’s about 15 days to get a letter to in an inmate sent from PA to PA In my experience. Hope this helps some one else - apparently we can plan on it taking 2 weeks for an inmate to get a letter from home if you live in Pennsylvania.

bobble60 10-07-2018 07:48 AM

We had a conference call with the DOC earlier this week and I raised this issue. There is no denying that a lot of mail seems to be lost and a lot has been returned to the senders without explanation. The DOC representatives quickly tried to brainstorm possible reasons, but the net result is that SMART Communications is probably unable to really do this.

They have asked for about 90 days to "get up to speed,' after which they say mail will be transmitted to the prison the same day it is received in their office in Florida. That's an easy promise to make because they can blame the delay on the USPS. Mail from PA to FL should take only FOUR postal days, so a letter postmarked Monday should be in the inmate's hands by Friday. We'll see.

The DOC cut a deal with a manufacturer of printers to purchase/lease a high-end color printer for each facility. As of Monday, most of those had not yet been delivered. Until then, print quality is quite poor.

There was no answer when I raised the problem of poor scan quality. Scanning handwritten documents is labor-intensive. You usually have to adjust the quality of the image manually to improve contrast, brightness and clarity. It seems very unlikely that the folks at SMART are going to do this.

As an FYI: The ACLU is probably going to sue over the legal mail policy. We were assured that the portable copiers being used for legal mail have had any memory capability disabled but there are still complaints about missing pages and broken bindings. There's also a serious concern with destruction of the original. The DOC doesn't have portable shredders, so they're sealing the originals into evidence bags and maintaining a chain-of-custody until a contracted and bonded shredding service destroys the originals.

dbruce16947 10-08-2018 12:40 AM

Thank you so much . I had another mail piece postmarked in Harrisburg on 9/26 be scanned out to the SCI on 10/7/2018 . This one concerned the death of a family member who will already be buried 2 weeks by the time the inmate gets the mail about the passing of this beloved relative . . It’s a new inmate whose crime is addiction so they are at SCI Camp Hill in hopes of getting treatment through the SIP program . They have no approved phone list yet , so sadly they learn of a relatives death two weeks plus later , all alone , with no way to call home . This seems extreme , and is causing our family much worry in addition to dealing with the loss of our loved one . We mailed a new letter from PA to Smart Communications with priority mail tracking so we can see it was received by Smart Communications in Fla at 6:37 am on 10/6/2018 . I will post an update on when it ls scanned to the SCI . We can see in the mailguard tracker that the inmate received the piece of mail postmarked 9/26/18 but the mail that was sent the previous day and would have been postmarked 9/25/18 has not yet been scanned to the SCI so they don’t seem to be processing mail by date received at Smart Communications. Thank you so very much once again for your helpful information about this issue - it is likely families all over Pennsylvania ( aka taxpayers ) are feeling the pain of this new mail process as well as the inmates .

smiles844 10-09-2018 06:45 AM

Thank you for the info all. I have now signed up with mailguardtracker. Haven't written as much since this new system was put in place...don't like change and after writing D for 13+years, this is a big change!

dbruce16947 10-10-2018 01:31 AM

I hope your mail goes through better than mine . It’s now 10/10/18 and I have written daily since 9/23 to my inmate at SCI Camp Hill . Only two letters have been sent on to SCI Camp Hill by Smart Communications out of at least a dozen , the first one being postmarked 9/24 and the second one postmarked 9/26 In Harrisburg per my mail guard tracker . The one that would have been postmarked 9/25 Was never received by Smart Communications according to mail guard tracker . After 17 days from mailing from PA it hasn’t even been tracked in on mail guard tracker and yes it was absolutely correctly addressed and marked with my MG # . No mail has been tracked through my mail guard tracker this week and it appears they have just STOPPED processing the mail . So my mail is NOT getting through at all except for 2 mail pieces mailed in the past 18 days . They have done nothing with the mail I sent priority mail so I know they received it at 6:37 am on 10/6/2018 at Smart Communications. I am sorry to say that last week my loved one was offered NEW suboxone which he declined so the drugs are still getting in —guaranteed not by mail of books and likely not visitors . The DOC night do well to see what guards or contractors are on the take at SCI Camp Hill rather than put families and inmates through the trauma that they are over the mail . It’s inhumane . I could get mail to a third world county inmate faster than from PA to SCI Camp Hill and the issue is NOT at SCI Camp Hill - I talked to the very professional mail room there ! It’s at Smart Communications who clearly can’t even begin to handle the job . The Governor claims to be concerned about the Opiod Epidemic to the point of declaring a disaster but those awaiting evaluation at SCI Camp Hill to the state SIP drug treatment program are literally being cut off from all home support related to addiction for three weeks now from my own experience BUT suboxone is being offered to them illegally by other inmates . This is reminiscent of Hitlers policies and I imagine will be a HUGE issue at election time . Each inmate has probably 4 family members who are voters . And taxpayers. No one supports crime but most do not support inhumanity and possible misconduct by our own state government . I think this will greatly reflect in election polls as the issue becomes more widely known . It is also a violation of the families rights not to be able to send mail to an inmate and at this point I have quit writing as the mail just is not going anywhere after it gets to Smart Communications. What a poor poor hastily made decision , abuse and waste of tax dollars and violation of families rights to have inmates receive their mail . Sounds like an issue for the Atty Generals Office to me , as well as the Federal Govt as it concerns United States Mail .

bobble60 10-14-2018 07:55 AM

I attended a town hall meeting in Philadelphia organized by the Pennsylvania Legislative Black Caucus and featuring Secretary Wetzel. It would be an understatement to say it turned into a "town brawl" and people refused to accept his explanations. he stood by their decision to farm this out to a small, family owned company in Florida that claimed to have 'correctional experience." It turns out the owners are former corrections officers. This option was deemed cheaper than staffing a processing center here in Pennsylvania and is expected to continue "for the foreseeable future."

I have had the same experience: some letters are showing up on MailGuard tracking, some are not. Some "untracked mail" got through according to the recipients. None has come back in two weeks, which leads me to think it's siting somewhere waiting to be processed. (For example, a letter postmarked in Philadelphia on 09/27 was transmitted to the prisoner on 10/11.)

When asked about enhanced measures for staff entering the facilities, all we heard was that they now use ion scanners on all staff at shift change and there are random urine tests. It seems the PSCOA was prescient: they made sure their contract limits the scanning and testing that can be done.

We heard the story of drugs smuggled in by a visitor who had a balloon in her mouth. While that's a serious concern, it can't begin to explain the quantity of drugs getting in. "Shakedown teams" have found stashes in day room trash cans that would have required a brown bag to get in ... Can't blame that on a visit or the mail. Wetzel claims staff will be prosecuted but did not confirm that any have. It seems all the resources they're throwing at "intel" are going to grabbing the end-users (inmates) and not the traffickers.

The Prison Society is compiling complaints and presenting them to the DOC in bulk. I would encourage anyone who has had a problem with mail to contact us.

dbruce16947 10-14-2018 09:14 AM

I will contact the Prison Society. I surely hope others do too . This is a serious issue . The traffickers are committing a hideous crime . This is where the intel needs to be focused , I agree , on the traffickers . Much appreciation for the update .

dbruce16947 10-20-2018 11:06 PM

I gave up trying to send mail to camp hill . I sent mail from 9/23-10/6 . Daily to Smart Communications. Only three pieces of mail were ever received by the inmate , the first two and the last one . Everything else in between did not get to the inmate . The mail guard tracker showed a piece of mail received by camp hill back around oct 2 that the inmate never got . The mail guard tracker does not show a piece of mail that the inmate did get . The envelopes were correctly marked with the MG number . The new mail system is separating families from their loved ones during the time that the suicide risk is the highest - the first two months . At least let us send postcards to those in classification who can not have tablets during this 90 day transition period . That’s only humane as we can’t reliably reach them by mail and If we can it takes a minimum of 14 says . Usually longer . A postcard from home could prevent a suicide, knowing that somebody cares . Seems worth it to me .

bobble60 10-21-2018 07:29 AM

I fully agree that this system is not working. I have had the same experiences: some mail not shown on my MG account has reached inmates; some mail sent the same day has not. (I send about 10 letters per week to prisoners in several facilities.) There simply is no pattern that could be used to identify problems.

At this point, the DOC is committed to this process "for the foreseeable future" according to Secretary Wetzel. We can only continue to compile the list of problems and press for modifications. Again, I hope all PTO members will post their experiences here.

Nomes 10-21-2018 05:00 PM

Long post - sorry
I live in Australia, so mail used to take up to a couple of weeks to arrive, but this new system drags the delivery time out to about 3+ weeks. I must admit the scans of the first 8 letters have been good, they even scanned the 1st letter I sent without my MG # (I hadn't registered for it at the time!) however, since that initial 8, I haven't gotten any more 'scans' or notifications, yet he has received mail from me. I was writing daily, for approx 3 weeks, then kinda lost hope in the mail system. The scans of my letters were also printed out in colour at his facility (maybe they were one of the first to get the new colour printers) He even said I guess go ahead and start sending pics again, coz the quality of my letter was good....I draw and colour the drawings in on the letters.

I do suggest, that for the time being, write your inmates name, id # and facility name at the TOP of each page, they have no excuse to send mail to the wrong inmate I've heard of cases of that happening.

Smart Communications supposedly have a new facility and hired 40 more staff to handle all our loved ones mail. I saw a pic on their website, showing their employees opening letters with what looked to be el cheapo gloves and masks...if that's the only precautions they're taking, then why the heck did our mail have to go to them in the first place, surely they (DOC) could've just purchased more expensive gloves & masks, AND obtained the mail scanners for each facility, which would've worked out a dang sight cheaper than this messed up procedure. I know the available mail scanners don't pick up synthetic cannabinoids, but I bet by now the manufacturers of the mail scanners have a solution to that.

Currently, there's a 'hate' group on Facebook, that appears to be run by 2 ex PA Doc employees and the page is highly attended by staff members...who seem oh so focused on pointing the finger of blame to our loved ones and not addressing things like doing major shakedowns to ensure there's zero drugs in their facility. Very frustrating to read them saying how 100 strips of suboxone found in SCI xxxxxxx or visitor caught trying to smuggle strips in....ummmmm punish that visitor and the inmate that it was being smuggled to, and don't take it out on everyone.

Sure, there's some bad eggs in the bunch, for the most part though, our loved ones are good people who made a dumb mistake and got caught and are now paying for their mistake (and so they should - every action has consequences). In many, MANY cases, the reason for incarceration can be linked back to drugs....the DOC needs to implement better/successful drug rehab programs so there will be no need to deal with those with addictions and make it so the rehab continues for the length of their sentence, not just 6 weeks/months and they still have 8 years to serve, because statistics would reflect these people have a higher rate of breaking sobriety than those on the outside who successfully complete rehab and continue attending AA or NA meetings. For that matter, why can't they look at having NA & AA meetings regularly within the facilities? Sorry, I digressed from the original topic.

Getting back to the topic at hand, I hate that the initial swap to this mail system was 'temporary' and yet at the meeting Bobble refers to, hosted by the Black Caucus, Wetzel himself stated (and I saw it in a news article, which doesn't necessarily make it true) that the contract with S.C. is until 2021 - how many inmates will still be getting mail by then? I already know many people who have stated they're only emailing now (I reckon everyone should send more mail and make S.C. work super hard to earn their money!) and are boycotting the regular mail...I truly don't believe that's a solution to the drama either, but everyone is entitled to do whatever they choose to, and if that's what works for them, then so be it.

Hugs, Naomi

bobble60 10-28-2018 07:41 AM

I had to laugh this week when a prisoner wrote to say he received a letter from me and he enclosed what he received: a copy of the envelope. He said, "Thanks for trying."

The idea behind the off-site processing center is that no one will bother to send contraband anymore because it would never get to the prison. The fact that their personnel wear gloves and masks -- if we can believe that picture -- is a matter of personal safety insofar as someone could send contaminated mail in the hops of sickening the SC personnel. I'm sure they worry about being victims of someone's outrage, and I don't blame them.

The new process is about 60 days old and SC asked for 90 days to get it fully operational. I think a boycott would be welcomed by them, so I encourage people to continue to write as they did before and report every incident. Complaints that pile up are the best tool right now.

dbruce16947 10-28-2018 07:56 PM

Where should we submit complaints ? The system is basically a failure . I have mail over a month old ( a weeks worth of letters ) the inmate never got . Mail guard tracker is not accurate. He did get a letter that was properly coded with the MG number on the envelope that never showed on Mail Guard tracker . After a month I consider my mail to my inmate to be lost . Any chance BOP will consider letting us send in directly prestamped USPS postcards bought and sent directly from the USPS at the same time so we can at least get a quick note of support to our families ?

waitinguntil001 10-29-2018 04:41 AM

I can understand the concern to protect all inmates, employees of the prison and visitors from contamination of any kind but I have to say this entire thing is nothing less than a disaster with the new mail procedures.

It has been almost 8 years since I served my sentence in a PA state prison and I have to tell you that (and I am sure other ex-inmates will agree here) one of the greatest highlights of the day in prison was "Mail-Call". Yes, receiving mail, not just from family but from other places/people. Even Graterfriends!! This has to be taking the moral of the inmates and causing damage. Frustration is more than likely very high now!!

Being in prison you are cut off from the outside world; feeling of being in another world all together. Mail and phone calls are the only two things that keeps your head together in there along with of course getting your commissary each week.

Not to say that it is not frustrating for the family and friends of the inmates. When my loved one was in state prison and I was out my highlight of the say was receiving his letters each day (well just about each day of the week). I would park myself at the front window of the house and watch for the mail to be delivered each day. Get the letter, read it and start a reply that night so I could put it in the mail the next day. If I did not get a letter from him every day I would worry.

How could it possibly be legal to have "legal" mail opened and scanned by this company and the originals kept?! What are the checks and balances of this company to prove that the originals are destroyed and no one but no one ever ever sees them much less archiving the scanned legal mail on their servers?! Electronic trails are going to be out there for some time to come. The only secure way to communicate with your lawyer is in person. But if you are in a prison 8 hours from where your lawyer is that is not likely at all; that was my case. I would be lucky if my lawyer answered my letters I sent him regarding my appeal, much less getting him to drive 8 hours each way to see me.

At this time I do not have any one in state prison in my family or any of my friends but I do monitor these boards and comment here and there. I do care. I have "been there, done that" and things like this still effect me.

Thanks for all your help Bobble and your input on this subject in particular!!!!!!

fbopnomore 10-29-2018 05:15 PM

I just received this email from the Pennsylvania Prison Society in Philadelphia. It explains the impact to prisoners and family/friends of the recent mail policies implemented by the PA DOC, and has a link to a survey you can complete to express your concerns about the changes.

Link yo Survey:

Email Update:

DOC Mail & Book Policy Ongoing Impact
Dear Prison Society Members and Supporters:

The new policies from the Department of Corrections on personal mail, legal mail, access to books, and visiting continue to adversely affect families and friends with loved ones on the inside as well as the ability of incarcerated people to advocate for themselves, educate themselves, or stay connected to the outside world.

We continue to document these harms and to bring them to the attention of DOC and others.

What follows is an update about what is happening and how the Department is responding.


As you know, the Prison Society charters 10 buses a month for Philadelphia families to visit loved ones behind bars. For many, these trips are the most meaningful contact they have with sons, fathers, mothers, daughters, siblings, friends, and spouses. The new DOC policies, which have eliminated vending machines from visiting areas and have barred visitors from bringing outside food, have resulted in families with small children, older people, or people with medical conditions to cancel their trips. The number of riders of Society chartered buses fell from 225 passengers in September 2017 to 103 passengers in September 2018.

Ridership on Society busses is down 48% percent over this time last year.

The DOC states that these changes to visiting rooms are temporary. But while they continue, if you have a medical condition, you can write the superintendent of the facility you would like to visit detailing and documenting your medical condition and requesting an exception. Prison Society volunteers can help you with this. If you would like assistance requesting an exception, please contact the Society at


Under the new policies, all personal mail is sent to a copying facility in Florida to be scanned and copied. The photocopy is then sent to the incarcerated mail recipient. During the last week in September the Prison Society had 12 letters from the Society to incarcerated members returned unopened. We have heard from 17 families that their mail has been returned or never delivered. Seven families and one educational provider have contacted us about poor copy quality. In each case, the photocopy the incarcerated person received of the photo, post card, and class assignment has been cut off or so dark it is illegible. Similar occurrences were reported by Bloomberg News:

According the DOC, Smart Communications, the organization copying, scanning and distributing the mail, was confused about what to do with official looking mail, such as mail coming from the Prison Society. Initially, it was sending it back, thus the 12 letters the Society had returned. This confusion has been clarified, and the problem should not continue. In fact, the Society has not experienced this problem in the last week.

The DOC is aware of the problems with misdelivered mail and poor copy quality. They hope to have this resolved by the end of November and are getting new color copiers to help with the issue.


We have received several comments from people concerned that with letters being scanned and retained by the DOC, that the DOC will search these documents and otherwise use them against incarcerated people and their families. Previously, personal mail to incarcerated people has been readable by DOC staff, but there was not the ability to retain and word search the mail.

DOC states that mail will be kept for the grievance period. Currently 43 DOC staff members, most of them mailroom workers, have access to all inmate mail. This staff will continue to have access to the electronically saved mail. No additional staff will have access.

DOC further states that “mailroom staff and security have the ability to search mail. All pictures are searched to ensure the content of the photo meets our policy; however, not all mail is read. Only Inmates who are flagged for security supervision will have their correspondence read.”


The DOC is in the process of revising these policies. We will update you as we have information.


The Department of Corrections states that these new policies are designed to stem a recent wave of dangerous narcotics entering facilities. The DOC has failed to provide systemic evidence to support this claim. Rather, the Department of Corrections sites a number of shocking individual incidents: an example of liquid narcotics entering in a Bible, packets of drugs exchanged during a kiss on a visit. These incidents are troubling and it is a credit to DOC staff for intercepting them. But the Society would hope that the Department could provide real data to justify far reaching polices that have a very real and very adverse impact on incarcerated people and their families, and which will cost Pennsylvania tax payers more than $14 million dollars. Rather, it appears that state legislature and Governor Wolfe have given the Department carte blanche after doing little more than uttering the words “drugs” and “safety.” We continue to ask the Department to provide systemic data to justify these costly and harmful policies.

The Prison Society will continue to monitor the impact of these policies, bring them to the attention of the Department and the public, and continue to request that the Department justify its actions.

You can help. Please let us know if you experience a problem as a result of these new policies by filling out our online survey here:

Take the Survey And thank you for your ongoing support in advocating for the humane treatment of people behind bars in Pennsylvania and their families.


Claire Shubik-Richards

smiles844 10-30-2018 01:49 PM

Thanks Bobble for keeping us up to date and informed!
I just completed the survey. Hoping for positive changes to come!!

Nomes 10-31-2018 10:09 PM


Originally Posted by bobble60 (Post 7750362)
The new process is about 60 days old and SC asked for 90 days to get it fully operational. I think a boycott would be welcomed by them, so I encourage people to continue to write as they did before and report every incident. Complaints that pile up are the best tool right now.

Do I have your permission to share your suggestion about encouraging people to write as much as they used to please?

Thanks, Hugs

bobble60 11-04-2018 09:10 AM

By all means. Please continue to stay in contact with your loved one as much as before. Don't let these new policies become barriers.

ssou 11-05-2018 10:39 PM

Does anyone know how backed up smart communications is? If so how much?

Nomes 11-08-2018 07:26 PM


Originally Posted by ssou (Post 7751436)
Does anyone know how backed up smart communications is? If so how much?

Don't quote me on this, but I believe I read somewhere that they are about 3 - 4 weeks behind, but they are hoping to speed things up once they have their new staff fully trained and procedure for PA DOC mail all fully implemented. It can take a letter up to 3 weeks from PA to FL and back to PA to the facility.

Hopefully they'll become faster as they get used to the work involved, and hopefully people stick with it, like Bobble suggests.


bobble60 11-11-2018 08:55 AM

I track all my letters, which number around ten per week to inmates all over the state. Delivery is getting quicker. The most recent "Exported and Delivered" notices were fifteen days after the postmark.

Not every letter is appearing on my MailGuard account even though the number is on every envelope. I am getting letters from prisoners saying they received the letter.

We are still getting complaints, but they seem to be about the prison end of the system now. For example, one inmate received copies of only the envelope even though the entire letter appears on Mailguard. Others report poor print quality, which can be either the printer or the scanner.

MommiiOf2 12-01-2018 12:12 AM

I've been talking to a few inmates since the mail changes and I have to agree to what most say it takes way longer for them to get the letters sent to them now I have noticed that my first letter was in route to the jail he was at but he got moved to camp hill but it still followed and got to him took 19 days he got another one 14 days after it was mailed I have two in route now and its been 13 days so lets see if he gets it soon I know he did say that he dont get mail at camp hill until 7pm or after now I have a friend thats in Green and he recieved the letter I sent 4 days later it was the fastest letter recieved I wish they would get this system together already if one letter was recieved 4 days after it was sent then the rest should be too there all going to the same florida address.

Is anyone else having problems with MailGuard Tracker? I have not received any notifications that my boyfriend received my letters or they was delivered but he wrote back on two that I sent and I was waiting for notifications of them to be received and delivered.

bobble60 12-02-2018 08:29 AM

I have noticed that their Mailguard Tracker is inconsistent. I might send six letters out on a typical Monday. Half of them will result in "tracking" emails and such; the others will simply get to the inmates. It's likely that a person has to enter the letter into the tracking system by keying in the MG number at the time of the scan and some just don't do it.

While tracking the letter is nice, given the long turn-around time, my primary concern is that the letter gets there as quickly as possible. I do believe the time is getting shorter.

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