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Libertyloo 08-13-2019 07:44 PM

Visitation at FMC Lexington
Hi Everyone!

I hope someone will be able to give me an idea of what visitation is like at FMC Lexington. My LO was transferred there a few months ago and I am finally approved and able to make the trip from over 2000 miles away. :boogie: He is in one of the non-medical wings (non-air-conditioned part).

I've been to a couple other Federal prisons but wondering what the ins and outs are at this particular one. I plan to get there a little before 8:30 when visitation starts. The other prisons had parking lots and I just parked and went in or lined up outside. How does this one work?

I have the dress code down and will bring quarters for the vending machines. I've read all the visitation information online more than once but I am hoping someone can give me some tips on this facility and any experiences they have had would also be great to hear about.

Is there anything else I should know before I go?

Thanks for any input?

Libertyloo 09-02-2019 10:33 AM

For anyone visiting FMC Lexington here's the scoop:

You want to arrive about 15 minutes early (a little more if you want to be the first 1-2 people in) and park in the parking area to the left as you come in facing the prison. The outside guard came around and told me to move my car to where the cones are. There may or may not be cones about 6-7 rows toward the back but he said that's the rule for where to park for visitors. He also said you cannot get out of your car or move beyond the steps until 10 min before.

After you park you walk to the steps leading out of the parking lot and wait there either until 10 min before visitation starts, the outside guard tells you it's OK to move to the next spot, or right at visitation time. Then you move to waiting in spot #2 under a semi-permanent canopy.

The door to get into the prison is right by the canopy so someone inside will buzz you in when it's time to go in. Everyone piles into a space where there is another door which cannot be opened until everyone is in and the first door is closed. Then the lot of visitors gets buzzed to wait in another line just outside the prison door. This is where they have pens and forms to fill out.

At this point, you are buzzed into the prison by inmate. So if there is only one of you visiting then only one goes in when buzzed. If there are five all visiting the same prisoner then all five go in at once. From there you check in and then go through the obligatory metal detector.

They are strict on clothes. My cap sleeves were not sleeves to the "nice" guard but he let me put my jacket on to get in. I was told jackets weren't allowed but then almost every female in there had jackets on as the AC got cold after a bit. So be sure to wear appropriate clothes. There were two men who didn't have the correct clothing on and were sent out.

Once you get in the visitation room the guards inside there will tell you where to sit. It is definitely not a free for all, sit anywhere you like. Nope!

Otherwise the guards were all fairly chill and no nonsense happened while I was there. The vending machines were an issue. Although they say you cannot bring more then $20 in, you cannot feed three people for that. Many people in line had more. But be sure and bring both ones, fives, and quarters. The machines seem to be finicky and some were working one day and then not the next.

The people in line were quite nice and very helpful to this newbie to Lexington. There will be plenty of veterans and everyone is nice so I'm sure everything will work out fine.

Enjoy your visit if you go!

Itshardtowait 09-04-2019 01:56 AM

I thought it was $20 per person? $20 for me and $20 for him? Am I wrong? No one ever said anything about the amount I brought in

Libertyloo 09-04-2019 06:36 PM

Each prison is different. Lexington had a sign outside the entrance that said you could only bring in $20. Those of us standing outside said that it must be per person but the sign did not state that. At this prison no one checked how much was in the plastic bag just that the plastic bag be the correct kind with no little snaps hanging off of it.

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