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PrettyKitten 03-17-2017 04:16 AM

If I can't pass full FBI check, can we live together when husband released?
I am so scared I am not sure but I was a dancer and I got lewd and lascivious behaviour, but my Dad paid a lot of money for a great attorney and I think he got it down to a misdemeanor, something like trying to solicit money from a cop. Tomorrow I go in to find out what is on my record I am doing a full FBI check so I can see my Husband who is in for a felony DUI conviction, I am so scared. It was a long time ago, I was 19 and I am 40 now. Just say a prayer anybody out there. Thank you. Anyone know if you can still be with your husband after he gets out? I remember it got down to a misdemeanor because on all the job apps I put I have never been arrested for a felony. And I always got the job. I hope everything goes alright, I'll be a sad girl, if I don't pass the background check. PrettyKitten

patchouli 03-17-2017 07:25 AM

Whether your charge was a felony or misdemeanor should be a moot point after 21 years. IMHO, there shouldn't be any problem with your husband coming home, provided there are no other issues.

yourself 03-17-2017 08:30 AM

remember, it's a background check, not a security clearance

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