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raira123 05-25-2019 03:46 PM

Otis Bantum Correctional Center? (OBCC)
Does anybody know what the visiting process is like here? Will I have to take out my nose ring? Never been before and just want to get an idea before I go next week.

DailyLimitReach 06-01-2019 06:13 PM


Originally Posted by raira123 (Post 7777904)
Does anybody know what the visiting process is like here? Will I have to take out my nose ring? Never been before and just want to get an idea before I go next week.

It's a house on Riker's? I'll tell you the whole process there. Bring 2 quarters.

You an only get there by bus. If you drive, you will park in the parking lot and catch the bus over the bridge. Once you get there before you get off of the bus have your ID ready, they check to make sure you have it before you ever enter the facility. You'll then go inside of the Visitor Are and stand in a line where the drug dogs will sniff everyone from the bus. You'll be asked to hold your bag to your left or right side.

After the dogs are done you'll head over to an area where there are orange lockers. You will use the 1st quarter on this set of lockers and receive a key i return. You get the quarter bak once you return the key to the slot and unlock the locker. This is where you'll drop your electronics and bags/purses if you have one. You can bring any packages for your LO inside. Don't leave it inside of this locker. You can also keep your jewelry on at this point but smart watches are a no go. You'll get you ID checked again and then head inside where there is a metal detector and x-ray machine. You'll take off your shoes and place them along with all of your belongings (Packages, jacket, etc.) on he conveyor belt. They'll check the items before sending them through. If there are books or magazines they'll literally go through every page.

At this point you'll go the window with the house your visiting's name on it to check in with your ID. You'll give your LO's name and if you've never visited an NYCDOc facility before or haven't in a while they'll take your picture and get your finger prints. They'll hand you a print out with your name and your LO name. Hold on to it you'll need it to get around. After you check in you'll get your hands scanned for drugs. After you're cleared you'll wait in the waiting area until they call your house. Your pass will get scanned and you'll board a bus that will take you to several houses usually. Pay attention to where you're getting off so you make sure you're in the right visiting center.

Once you get to the Otis Bantum House this is where you will need to remove jewelry and any layers of clothes and place them in the second locker (second quarter). You can only wear one layer. I was visiting a different house so I don't know the set up there but in the house I was in you went through metal detectors again and sat in a little lobby before turning in your packages if you have one and getting a body search. You'll have to pull your shirt away from your body and lift your bra, take off your shoes and show the bottom of your feet, open your louth and lift your tongue, show the inside of your waistband, etc. All of this happened in a separate room with dividers. Then you sit in another small waiting area until they call your loved ones name. You'll hand over your pass again and they'll hold onto it until the visit is over. (They mark the time on them). Visits are an hour unless you're coming from out of town and can prove it. Then they're 2 hours. They assign you a seat and you wait for your loved one to join you. You can hug and kiss briefly at the beginning and end.

Once the visit is over you'll wait until they tell you you can go. You'll go back into the visit house to get your things and wait for the bus. The bus will drop you off near the orange set of lockers where you'll hand over your pass for the last time. You can pick up your things from the orange lockers and then board the bus once it gets there.

The staff was always friendly to me there (Other places not so much). The whole process to get the the visit once you're on site takes about an hour 1/2 - 2 1-2 hours depending on how many people are there. It's really an all day type of situation. I always tried to go early so I could be home by 6pm or 7 pm (leaving around 11 or 12).

I think that covers it all. If you have any questions let me know!

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