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Gemini4lif 02-21-2006 05:51 AM

Let's get to know some of your fellow Georgia Forum members!
I thought I would start a thread for us to introduce or even reaquaint ourselves with our fellow Georgia Forum members. Here you can tell us about YOU, your likes, dislikes, whatever makes you who you are!

I will start it off! and please add to it if you can think of anything else!

Gemini4lif 02-21-2006 05:52 AM

Name: Patrice
Age: 32
# of Children: 1
Favorite Food: anything seafood
Music I like: R&B, some rap, jazz
Hobbies: movies, reading
Likes: shopping, traveling
Dislikes: Liars
Favorite color: Blue

domino44 02-21-2006 09:10 AM

age 54
children: long story but raising our granddaughter from deceased daughter.
food mac & cheese
music all kinds
love to craft and play on computer
love all kinds of music
color is definately pink

AdRiAnS_WiFeY 02-21-2006 11:03 AM

Name: Ashley
Age: 21
# of Children: 0 for now...I want 2 eventually
Favorite Food: I like it all!!! LOL...if I had to pick, it would have to be either Italian or Mexican
Music I like: R&B, hip hop/ rap
Hobbies: computer, reading, shopping
Likes: current events, traveling, spending time with loved ones
Dislikes: deceitfulness, dishonesty, and lack of integrity
Favorite color: Red

Smokelady 02-21-2006 08:35 PM

Name: LaTrashua
Age: 32
Weight: Thick in the right places
Music: R&B
Hobbies: SHOPPING!!!!! Well window on most occassions (high GDOC phone bill)
Children: 4
Favorite food : Hot Dogs
Favorite color: Anything bright
Dislikes: Braggers

BrideToBe919 02-28-2006 06:56 PM

My name is Jessica I'm 16 I don't have any youngans yet I'm gettin married when my man gets out food has to be spicy as long as it has hot sauce i'll eat it i like all music but mostly country favorite color is jailhouse orange (my man looked so good in that jumpsuit ) likes are anything redneck muddboggin huntin campin down at the river dislikes are fishin females and i really dislike my man bein locked up

DeAnthony'sgyrl 03-02-2006 08:09 PM

Name: Crystal
Age: 27
# of Children: 0
Favorite Food: anything that has a lot of cheese
Music I like: R&B,
Hobbies: writing poetry, reading
Likes: surfing the web
Dislikes: Liars
Favorite color: Blue and Green and any mixture
Facility: My smoochy was just transfered from Lee State to Muscogee County Camp

Bonnie_N_Clyde 04-03-2006 09:29 PM

Age 30
3 kids and 10 dogs, full time nurse, Missing my baby real bad. My hunny is in Augusta State Medical Prison. He has a tpm of Oct 2010. He has been in since 2004.
I write country songs, mostly about us. I write poetry, i stay online all the time.I love all kinds of food.Jus a simple country girl trying to get by.

Kebela1 04-13-2006 10:00 AM

Age: 45
# of Children: 5 + 6 grandchildren
Favorite food: Spaghetti
Music: County and Classic Rock
Hobbies: Computer
Likes: My family and my work (nurse)
Dislikes: GDC
Favorite Color : Purple
Facility: Son at Clayton County CI

tweetwashington 04-13-2006 11:22 AM

Age: 32
# of children: 3 two girls and one boy
Favorite food: turkey and dressing
Music: R&B and some rap
Hobbies: Computer and movies
Likes: School and talking to my hunnie
dislikes: People who judge
favorite color: Navy blue

chinagrove 04-17-2006 07:30 AM

Age: 54
# of Children: 2
Favorite Food: just about anything (darn it shows too)
Music I like: not a music buff
Hobbies: computer and DIY projects, miniatures
Likes: computers, family - keeping busy
Dislikes: drama
Favorite color: black

2'swifee 05-24-2006 08:38 AM

Name: Gina
Age: 21
# of Kids: 0 now, but I want three
Fav Food: oysters
Music I like: Jazz, R&B, rap, country...just about anything
Hobbies: fishing and boxing
Likes: the country, cars,family, fishing, music, football
Dislikes: GDC!! SCHOOL! Just gemme my dang degree already! And liars and nosey ppl
Fav Color: red

RiverstotheSea 07-20-2006 01:41 AM

Ben aka Tranquility!
Sorry to revive an old thread! Here goes:

Name: Ben - Tranquility
Age: 18
# of Kids: None
Fav Food: Tiger Bread (First Thought)
Music I like: Ranging from 40's through to Today!
Hobbies: PTO, Reading, Writing, Music, Thinking, etc.
Likes: Activism, Human Rights, Walks, Rain, Nature, Peace, etc.
Dislikes: Negative Qualities, Closed Minds, War, etc.
Fav Color: Assorted - Primarily Blue and Green!

Please excuse all the etceteras!

- Ben.

mosdef 07-20-2006 09:04 AM

# of kids:3 (2)girls and (1)son
Favorite food:banana pudding
Music I like:R&B,Gospel and Rap
Hobbies:reading,talking on the phone and mentoring children and young adults
Likes:Spending quality time with family,talking to God and watching T.V.
Dislikes: People who judge others,haters and free loaders
Favorite color:blue
Next to God being first in my life I love my husband unconditionally and please keep us in your prayers daily.My oldest daughter is presently serving in the United States Army and just purchased her first home.I am also the proud grandmother of two. 1 grandson and 1 granddaughter fathered by my son and my baby girl is a junior in high school.

Eternal Hope 07-20-2006 06:17 PM

Name: Holly - Eternal Hope
Age: 50
Weight: 110
Music: Blues, Country, Soft Rock, Pop Rock, Contemporary Christian
Hobbies: reading, crocheting, needlepoint, shopping, poetry
Children: 1 son-age 24, 3 step sons, aged 33, 31 and 23
Favorite Food: fresh veggies, turkey, chicken, fish, beef
Likes: honesty, truth, hope, faith, loyalty, morality
Dislikes: untruths, gamers, disloyalty
Favorite Color: Blue, Black
Favorite Time of Day: sunset
Favorite Time of Year: spring, fall

Kat 07-20-2006 06:48 PM

Name: Kat...Klyn
Age: old
Weight: 115
Music: country
Children: 1 son- 1 grandaughter
Favorite Food: white meat I dont like red meat
Likes: honesty, truth, faith, loyalty
Dislikes: untruths, players,I hate Ga
Favorite Color: purple
Favorite Time of Day: sunset
Favorite Time of Year: summer and winter cause thats when I go to Ga

vett6300 08-14-2006 08:06 AM

Music:Blues,Soft Rock,Folk Musik,
Children:2,1Son 30, 1Daughter 23
Favorite Food:Seafood
Likes:Loyalty,Honesty,Helping People
Dislikes:Liar,Arrogants,Showy People(stay one Earth)Georgia Law
Favorite Color:Braun,Pink,Red
Favorite Time of Day:Morning Coffee

cdmack 09-05-2006 11:23 AM

Name: Cynthia
Age: 50
# of Children: 2
# Grandchildren: 3
Favorite Food: Rice
Music I like: R&B, Rap & Gosple
Hobbies: movies, reading
Likes: Shopping, Gardening
Dislikes: Liars
Favorite color: Blue

babydoll113 11-02-2006 05:28 PM

Name: Tracy
Age: 41

I live in Temple, Georgia;
I travel to Nicholls, Georgia (4 1/2 hours) to see the love of my life;
I have 2 daughters 21 & 17, one very beautiful and spoile 22 month old grand daughter;
I love to go camping, photography, spending time with family and friends;

I met the love of my life while he was on a work detail and fell in love with him almost instantly.

We are now going through the paperwork to be married and I can't wait, we're almost there!!!

I love my man unconditionally with all my heart!!

m1ss1ngh1m 11-03-2006 11:48 AM

I must admit I was hesitant to "come out" and introduce myself. I have been "lurking" and reading this wonderful site. And all of your stories about your loved ones. I too have a loved one, my fiancee, that is incarcerated in a Georgia State Prison. I look forward to talking and sharing information with you!

noname10 11-03-2006 02:39 PM

Welcome to PTO. Hope to see you on the GA board, come to the Lounge for some ice tea (sweet or non sweet) and visit with some of the GA folks.

Boone'sBabyGirl 11-06-2006 02:38 PM

Kids: 2 (ages 15 & 8)
Food: I love soul food
Home:I am truly an ATL girl - Grady Baby
Music: I love old & new School R&B and some rap
Likes: Shopping and being with my family and my man of course (can't wait to do that)
Dislikes: People who judge others without knowing the facts
Fave Color: Black

sanders01 05-06-2007 04:08 PM

Name: Kim- sanders01
Weight: 240 used to be... now 175(ask me how i lost)
Hobbies: reading, writing my honey, churchin
Children: 1 son-age 25, 2 daughter , aged 16,13
Favorite Food: fresh veggies, chicken, fish
Likes: honesty, truth, hope, faith, loyalty, morality
Dislikes: untruths, gamers, disloyalty
Favorite Color: red
Favorite Time of Day: nighttime
Favorite Time of Year: fall

misspt 05-28-2007 09:14 AM

Name: BROOKE-misspt
Children: 2 SONS- 4,5 1 DAUGHTER- 8

jsnake 11-03-2007 05:45 PM

my introduction
name: Eddie
Weight: too much
music: various
Age: 50
Hobbies: yardwork,supporting my friend, helping at the shelters,wrestling with my dogs,Baby n Rufus
My dogs Hobbies: to irritate me(and they do it soooo well!)
children: nope
color: green
fav saying and my way of life: The Golden Rule

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