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missmydadbadly 04-07-2019 05:29 PM

Medical Treatment at Farmington
My dad is 80 and I was just notified by his roommate that he was taken to the hospital for chest pain and shortness of breath. I tried to call Medical and was told that only the director could talk to me and she won't be in till Monday. Does anyone have experience or could help/guide me on how to ensure that my father gets the best medical care possible? Does anyone know how they notify you if your loved one passes?

patchouli 04-07-2019 07:48 PM

Hi missmydadbadly, does anyone have a HIPPA and POA for your Dad? If so, that's the person that has your Dad's notarized permission to be privy to his medical info. I hope your Dad is ok :( I can't answer your questions, but did want to send Get Well Wishes for your Dad.

GingerM 04-20-2019 06:07 AM

I'm late in replying, and I hope you've figured this out by now. You can also try calling the Officer In Charge (general prison line, ask for the Officer In Charge) and see if you can visit your dad in the hospital.

You have much support from me - my Dad also ended up in the hospital, and trying to get information was not easy, even with the HIPPA forms.

Amjer 04-20-2019 06:31 AM

I am just seeing this, but it definitely caught me attention..I know that it has been a few days since original start of thread..My thoughts will be with you through this Easter Holiday weekend and the days to follow.

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