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bromleysnap 04-05-2013 10:18 AM

ANY Info on Women's Huron Valley CF?? PLEASE!
My fiance was recently sent there for 1-5 years.. she got there about 10 days ago with 106 days credit.. she was able to call me for the first time today but only for a free minute (I've since put $25 on my phone through PCS) and she said she doesnt know when she'll be able to call again.. I just want to know some general things right now.. like how long is she locked down in Quarantine? 23 hours a day like for the men in Jackson? Or does she have a little bit more freedom?

How long does it take for her to get my postal mail (im about 2 hrs from Ypsilanti)? what about Jpay emails?

what is it like there? i mean, i know it's prison, but as we all know, some places are better than others and i know this is the only women's facility.. i just want to make sure she is going to be ok.. ive sent her money and books and stuff.. ive done all i can for her.. i just hope it's not too horrible...

so, please, any info would be great! thanks a lot!

scaredinmi 04-05-2013 09:48 PM

My wife has been at Huron Valley for almost a year now. I will answer any questions as best I can. The mail takes about a week sometimes less sometimes more. Her mail to me usually takes about 2days from when she mails them. The mail only gets picked up from the mailbox there Sunday - Thursday, and from what my wife says at least on the west side they took the boxes out of the units and just have one outside the chow hall. So she can only drop it around chow times.

Jpays vary 1-2 days and only come in Monday - Friday, they get mail Monday - Friday, usually at around the 9pm count.

From what I remember in reception my wife said the girls had some free time. Not exactly sure she was quarantined for a little over 3 weeks waiting on her TB test, so her experience is a little different there.

I am on usually once a day and I will gladly answer anything I can, when she was going in we got a lot of answers from others on here. You can also message me if you want.

scaredinmi 04-05-2013 09:52 PM

From our experience so far it hasn't been that bad. Food is a little bit on the small portions, some ok some like crap. If she avoids the drama she should be ok.

bromleysnap 04-06-2013 08:13 AM

she says she was moved from A Wing to B Wing now in the quarantine process... she called me twice yesterday and said they get out twice a day, once in the morning and once at night... she said once she gets to C wing she will be able to use the phone more freely... she actually said she got my letters pretty fast.. like 2-3 days, but the letters she said she sent to me, i havent gotten yet. weird. they are also telling her that she may not even go to grounds because she has 8 months left and apparently they are so backed up that it's taking up to 4 months to get out of quarantine, i dont know how accurate that is.... i know the mens quarantine is HORRIBLE.. you are locked down 23 hours a day.... she actually just called me and told me the food is horrible there and claims they must have changed it or something... i dont know... i know the mens prison menu wasnt bad and i figured it was the same for all state prisons.

she said i can get her a securepak now and it's a new month so i can put some money on her books as well... i ordered her another couple books too, so she could be as comfortable as possible now... also, she said that in regards to the Jpay emails i sent to her, that she can only read them off of a computer or kiosk thing.. they dont print them and bring them around with the mail... that's how it is in the men's facilities... weird. do you know anything about that?

thanks for all of your help!

scaredinmi 04-06-2013 12:47 PM

The jpays are read on the computer / kiosk also the store orders are done on the kiosk from what my wife said she had one time out of her cell and she could either use the phone or kiosk. She says she can use the kiosk 2x a day now for 15 minutes at a time. Sounds like there has been a few changes. It took my wife 2 weeks or so before they requested her pin for the kiosks not sure how long after she got it. She said they stopped printing the jpays a couple years ago now once the kiosks were all in and operating, they can print things from them but it cost .10 a page I believe and it comes in the mail.

I know she said they were over populated when in July when she went in, she said she watched girls she came in with move through the process faster so I am not 100% sure on everything there, and she is there longer so anything possible. I know mail has varied since she has been there it has been from 2 days to some letters took close to 2 weeks around the holiday times. It may vary the area they are in it seemed slower when she got out of reception. My wife said they have taken out a few special programs like the dog program because they needed the space for more women, especially younger women.

I know my wife got tired of breakfast very quickly but does make it a point to go to the waffle day every other Saturday. Some of the food is personal taste, I queasy it what you like. She did say though that when she comes home cabbage and rice are off the menu for a while. I know there's 2or 3meals she asks me when they are on the menu that please visit so she can have something else. She sent me a copy of the menu I will see if there is anyway I can send it to you I am going to scan it into the computer, she says it is pretty close to the rotation. There are changes on holidays and when something is out.

I know in reception they are allowed fewer items in the Securepak and I think she had to wait to get out for her TV and mp3 players. Plus as far as I know they are not allowed visitors either.

scaredinmi 04-06-2013 01:08 PM

She also said there has been a lot of changes due to money, they cut some of the holiday stuff, mail. I did remember my wife said in reception they didn't have air conditioning and some guards only let them put their trash cans in the door, others let them leave the doors wide open when they were allowed for air flow and it was hot. I have seen posts on the board about the food quality and quantity going down. I try to keep her some extras when I can, I know when she got on grounds some of the other women taught her some of the recipes and garlic powder, salt and Mrs dash have become staples in her packages. She just called a mentioned they changed the store order and added a couple things but also took off somethings as well.

I hope your time passes quickly and without issues. And if you have any questions feel free to ask if I don't know the answer, I can ask my wife. It may take a few to get the answer but I will try.

bromleysnap 04-06-2013 04:30 PM

you have been such a great help! i am actually looking forward to her call here very soon... every 12 hours i get to hear her voice, only for about 8 minutes each time but it is the highlight of my day... she did mention that someone else had to put her store order in on the kiosk for her first order when she was in A wing.. she said she can get a tv and mp3 player once in C wing but she owes so much in restitution that it would take 4+ months to save up for a TV and that is without ordering anything on store... plus she says she isnt too concerned about that stuff.. she may get a radio she says, but that's it.. she said if she had a lot of time she would want those things, but not right now....

how are visits there? ive heard they weren't contact visits, that it was through glass and that it was very "yes sir no sir" type of stuff with the guards.. is that true? i saw you have great pictures of you and your wife so it cant be all behind glass, right? how are the guards there? did they treat her ok? what about the other women there, are they pretty good people for the most part?

like i said, my baby seems to think she wont ever get on grounds simply because she is considered, "short time".. she has 1-5 years and was credited 106 days when she got there 11 days ago... reception has a A, B and C wing and that's it? im guessing C wing is for the women that are never gonna get to grounds but are done with the reception process so they get a decent amount of movement... at least that's what i gather.. oh and i got a letter from her today, it was sent on Tuesday so it took a little longer than normal... and she said she had to stand in line for 45minutes to talk to me this morning for 10 minutes... crazy! i have money on the phone so i cant wait until she can just sit back and talk to me with no guards breathing down her neck, you know?

oh, and did i hear about something crazy going on with the TV room or something recently or was your wife not there for that?

thanks so much for your help!

scaredinmi 04-06-2013 05:25 PM

As far as I know c wing is another step in the reception process. We didn't have visits while she was in reception. They didn't even process her apps till after she was out. I am not sure if it is different being short time or not. We have had contact visits the entire time. We had some issues due to my disability and needing wheelchair and walker to get around. I have dealt with some good guards and some idiots but I just try very hard to just be polite and cooperative as much as possible it goes much easier. We have gotten to know several of the guards, not by name but faces. Most of them that we see regularly know us and we have a system that everybody is fine with. It just when we get different guards that we run in to one occasionally that is on a power trip like we did the last visit. But it is a fairly rare occurrence, most I explain and they are easy to work with. I know she has to address them with Mr. and Mrs. and be polite she had some good officers in reception and has seen the same officers other places. The afternoon shift actually started letting her use the phone because she had been quarantined so long waiting for her xray and they felt sorry for her since she was following everything she was told to do.

My wife tries to avoid the TV room in her unit because of the drama, plus that's where most of the tickets are written and she doing her best to avoid issues. We finally managed to get her a TV at Christmas time, we got her mp3 player as soon as we could afford it. From what she says it not to bad she careful who she is around and does her job as best as she can. So far it has worked. She is a level 2 so she is on the west side and everybody tells her the east side is worse for drama.

It will be ok it not the greatest but after a while you will fall into a schedule or routine and time will finally seem to pass. I was a wreck for a while after she was sentenced and after a while and following the advice we were given by others here on the board, it got easier. I may not like it but I learned how to cope and work with it. I wait for the phone calls, I can tell about when she can call and when she is in count or doing her job. I try to write as often as I can and send jpay as often as I can. I try to keep money on the phone and visit as often as I can get a ride. When she don't get mail or visits she does feel lost. It helps pass the time and reminds them people do care about them. I know I am like a little kid waiting for her letters and calls. We try to ration the calls to make it all the month but I can not refuse her calls.

bromleysnap 04-07-2013 06:45 AM

I have a feeling my fiance is going to be a level 1.. if she ever gets out of reception of course... she has a felony retail fraud charge and it's her first time ever in prison so she will probably be on the East side if she makes it to grounds... i just want her to be as comfortable as possible. i wish i could buy her a TV, but she owes too much money, they will take everything over $50 that i give her.. i wish they would let people order for their loved ones, rather than making them fill out a disbursement... did you order your wife the JP3 player from Jpay? that you can order for her, right? what does that run you? especially for music, isnt it like $1.50 a song or something?

if you ever get a chance to scan the menu, that'd be great. you can upload it to or any one of those free upload sites.. that way i can work out visiting based on her meals as well... as soon as she can receive them, of course.... now is your wife in a 2 person cell or is she in a room with one other person that has a door that she has a key to or what? and what do they lock up their stuff in? is it a foot locker or something strong enough that it cant get broken into? you probably dont know, but im guessing that level 1 over there is all open where everyone bunks in a giant pole barn type area, do you have any idea?

yea im looking forward to her call now.. i can count on between 8:30am and 9:30am and then 8pm-9pm.... not to mention i got a letter from her Friday and Saturday.... she got a letter i sent out Monday with pictures in it on Thursday... maybe it didnt take as long as a normal letter because they didnt have to read/skim through it... im not sure their procedure when it comes to that kind of stuff.. do they read incoming mail and listen to all phone calls or what?

oh and have you ordered her a securepak? how long did it take her to get it? my fiance says she can get them now and is sending me a list of things to get for her.... im trying to make her be frugal and ration her stuff... understandably she spent every penny of the $45 i put in last month for her first store order so she could get all of her hygiene and things like that.. but now im going to put $50 in tonight and have her make that last this whole month.. then get her a securepak next month and only put maybe $10 in her account for items she cant get on the securepak.. like envelopes/stamps... things like that... not to mention you can only get one every quarter and im far from rich.. so she needs to learn to be wise with her money in there.. she told me she traded a stamped envelope for coffee.. ugh.. i told her to not do anything like that and that she would have her own stuff soon enough!

anyways, thanks again, as always you've been a huge help! it's really nice to talk to someone that is in the same situation as i am and understands exactly what im going through! thanks!

scaredinmi 04-07-2013 09:12 AM

I will work on the menu hopefully tonight or tomorrow. You have to send her the money for the jp3 player. I think hers was $39 , but she got hers a couple months before the jp4 came out and she got a shock when she was told they were switching hers out for the newer one. I think the jp4 is like $59 but also heard there is a jp5 as well but not sure there.

My wife is in a 2 person cell or room as they call it. She has a locker and a footlocker we bought. She was able to put everything in her locker but she was being considered for the humane society program and she was going to need a few extras and wanted the room for storage. From what I hear right now she uses it for paperwork and extra books and securepak stuff. It was maybe a need maybe not. We have been lucky they haven't taken anything out of her money other than Dr visits but even that's strange how they do it. They take that out either way if there's money in or not.

I am not sure about the living quarters on the east side, it looks nicer in some respects when I mapped it out on Google, but women she is in with tell her she is better off on the west side there is less drama. There is one gentleman that his girlfriend was on the east side I will see if I can ask him what it was like. From what my wife was told there is more drama over on the east side, I was told the wait for visiting can be longer over there as well.

My wife only had one small issue since she has been on grounds and that was someone she was in reception that she wouldn't let borrow a book I sent her. It died pretty quick when my wife didn't get worked up over it and pretty much ignored it. She said most of the women she is around just want to do their time and get out.

bromleysnap 04-07-2013 08:16 PM

what has she told you about mail or phone calls, like, do they read their incoming mail as well as listen to the phone calls? it seems like it'd be impossible to listen to all phone calls and read all mail... i would think it would be based on certain situations, like if they suspect you of anything, ya know. i sent my fiance 5 books and she loaned 2 out and told me not to worry because she knows these girls and there wont be any problems.. it kind of pisses me off because what if those girls get moved or decide they dont want to give them back or something, ya know? i told her to just mind her own business and keep the books secret, but of course they called her out at 7pm when everyone is locked down so they all saw her get them.

so your wife has the JP4 player? does she have movies and music on that thing? how much does she have to pay to get movies and music for it? also, my girl says they wont let her get a lock for her locker until she gets to C wing.. kind of messed up, i asked her how she keeps her shit locked up or safe and she says she doesnt... i hate having to worry about her getting her shit taken or something, i work too hard for her to lose her shit... but then again im sure there are a lot of cameras and stuff so they would see people going into a room that wasnt theres, ya know?

we were thinking about getting married while shes in there and then having a real ceremony once she gets out.. but we want to get married because i have a record too and they wont let me visit her... and since we're already engaged it just makes sense to get it done ASAP so i can visit her and stuff, ya know? have you heard or do you know anything about that process at WHV? i read online about it on the MDOC site, but it doesnt really give great details... like how long it takes and all that, just to kite the chaplain and stuff... do you know anything about it?

thanks a lot for your help, as always! i really appreciate it!!

scaredinmi 04-08-2013 02:09 AM

I know all her calls are recorded, not sure if somebody listens to each one or maybe they randomly listen. I figure they probably have them run through a computer and search for key words or phrases who knows. Her letters are always opened, they are supposed to skim through them and if they don't see anything that catches their eye they don't read them, but they can read them, plus they check the envelope for things they aren't supposed to have. I know she can send it out in the regular size envelopes sealed unless you are being watched for something. The bigger envelopes she send on occasion have to be taken to her ARUS open and she has to check it before they mail it. I don't push my luck, we are trying to make it through without any problems and move on. Especially since she is in the middle of an appeal, now if there is anything they can take her record in to account at sentencing.

Her jp4 is set up for pics and I do believe to download jpay emails, but they can't use those features. Just the music clock and games. The music prices vary by song and there are some album prices. But on average it seems like around 1.99 a song give or take.

I am not sure about how the weddings work. We have been married 21years last fall. Hoping she gets out close to her ERD so we can celebrate our 25th together at home.
I am not sure about how the wings work my wife was on a wing for a little over 3weeks, while most of the girls she came in with moved to b wing in a week or 2. She jumped right to c wing and moved to grounds around a week or so later. But she did say people got moved almost daily and very few seemed to move in groups. But that was last July so things could have changed. She has mentioned they are getting pretty packed, they even stuffed more chairs and got several smaller tables in the visitors room to accommodate more visitors. And some of the buildings that were for special things like the humane society program have been taken over for regular housing.

bromleysnap 04-08-2013 06:28 AM

im not surprised at how packed that place is, i mean, it's the ONLY womens prison in the entire state. Unlike for men, which have like 49 prisons... crazy! so your wife DOES have the JP4? do the Jpay emails you send to her go right to it or does she have to go to a kiosk to hook it to download anything you send her? that'd be awesome if she could just carry that thing around and any time you sent her an email it just showed up on her device... and then she could reply right back to you with no wait time... although that sounds too good to be true... wait, you say it isnt set up to do email? the pics i saw of it looked like the inmates could watch movies on the thing.. $2 a song seems like a lot of money... most full albums consist of close to 20 songs nowadays.. i couldnt imagine spending $40 on a full cd!

i assume they search out keywords or randomly listen to conversations as well.. i think it would be way too hard to listen to every conversation and read every piece of mail... especially considering how much people write and how many inmates are in there... shoot, i just sent her out a 14 page letter this morning.. a 12 page letter Friday and a 10 page letter Wednesday... not to mention all the other LO writing people... the books i sent her actually got to her before the mail that i sent out before the books... the books got there on Tuesday and they gave them to her that night at 7pm!

she just told me they actually fed them a lot this past weekend.. pizza, fries, corn, brownie and something else all for one meal.. she said she couldnt finish it all.. but then she said they had the cabbage casserole too the other day and hardly anyone even touched it.. i guess it's pretty much hit or miss. your wife has a job in there that i assume she gets pretty crumby pay for, right? what does she do? im guessing it depends on behavior and time you're in for.. they probably wouldnt give jobs to someone with a lot or tickets or someone who is short time.... having a job could really pass the time so that would be nice if my fiance could get one.

scaredinmi 04-08-2013 08:06 PM

They are supposed to be able to save email to them from what I understand but they are not allowed to use the other features like the photos. They can use the music and features like games, clock, and radio ect. She says it is similar to a smart phone in design.

You got lucky on the books all the ones I sent took 3-7 days to get to her. I would get the email saying they were received at the dock and she would let me know when she got them. There is a lot of girls that get no mail in there to. I have put a few of them on here for cards ect, at the request of my wife. I make sure I have at least one letter a week usually more along with jpays last month I got a ton of pics printed and I have been adding them to her letters and cards. We have a couple other friends along with me and our kids that are writing her. I got her a couple magazine subscriptions and made the officers mad when I found a free postcard promotion last fall and I took advantage of it. They were coming in in bulk of sometimes 10 or more every couple days.

She complains about the cabbage casseroles as well, and the pizza she says is horrible. She does like the waffles, the tacos she says are ok.

She has had 2 jobs since she has been there. Well they were more like one but they changed them some. She used to do the hot pot 2 afternoons and mop a room 3 days 2xs an afternoon. One day she was talking to the officer she reports to and she mentioned that she wished she had more people like my wife, that did their jobs. She found that the other girls didn't like cleaning the room and my wife mentioned she didn't really like the hot pot and would do the room no problem. In the end the officer gave her the room 7days and took away the hot pot. The officer she reports to for her job seems to be a pretty good one. She has given my wife excellent evals and always comments that she goes above and beyond to make sure the job is done properly. She also actually seems to care about the people, she takes time to talk with her people. She actually seen my wife almost crying on the phone over the holidays and after she hung up she made time to pull her aside and spent time talking to her about what was wrong and actually gave her a day off. She has given her a couple of raises so far one was a normal according to time on the job and one was a surprise to her.

bromleysnap 04-08-2013 08:39 PM

what is hot pot? is that kitchen work or something?

i spoke with my fiance today and she tells me that she was told she will probably go to the "barracks"... im guessing that is a level 1 part of the wait where all of the women are in a big pole barn type of area.. all in one place. that sounds horrible because i know my girl loves to read and be in a quiet environment, ya know? she would much rather be in a 2 person room than in a room with 100 other women all around each other. she was told reception was 3 months, not 30 days, so we'll see what happens.

im going to get her a subscription to Cosmopolitan and i just sent her another 4 books and 2 puzzle/game books... that's 8 books and 3 game books in total that she will have gotten from me... they said there is no limit on those types of things, just a limit on how much property they can have in their possession.. that should keep her occupied for awhile, especially in reception when all she can do is read/write letters.

scaredinmi 04-08-2013 10:57 PM

Hot pot is a hot water pot in the day room area she had to keep it full during her shift. She said she basically had to sit near it most of the time. She don't like being out of her room much because she trying to stay out of things and deal with things going on with family at home. So she spends a lot of time in her room watching TV. Plus she is a little older than a lot of the women in her unit so her and the older crowd try to catch a little time in the TV room before and after medlines before the younger crowd takes over. Makes me glad we scraped the money together for her TV.

Things are changing she came in July 3rd and was in her room on grounds by mid -late August. She did get moved in September but that was due to a issue with her roommate, the lady didn't like roommates and went out of her way to get rid of them. From what she said her unit Rep said except for 1 she got a new roommate every month or so and had problems with all of them.

When you find out more about barracks I would be interested. I am trying to understand her world so I can help her through as best I can.

Macalgirl 03-26-2015 09:10 AM

SecruPak in Reception at Huron Valley
Can anyone tell me if an inmate can receive a secrupak while in Reception?

pookiedoo2 03-27-2015 04:52 AM

I don't believe so. If you try and order one it will tell you whether or not the person can receive it. The men can't receive securepak in reception...


Originally Posted by Macalgirl (Post 7427542)
Can anyone tell me if an inmate can receive a secrupak while in Reception?

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