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ShellBellZ 08-04-2019 10:16 PM

Intro - ShellBellZ- Husband in WSP-Reception
Hi everyone my husband was sentenced back June 19th in Riverside county for 32 months over a bullet keychain that was in his car at the time. He has been in Wasco State Prison-Reception Center since June 24th. He is a felon so I understand there being consequences but after he got out of prison he moved to Florida turned his whole life around we met and was married within 6 months. He has not been in any kind of trouble not even a speeding parking ticket the last 4 years so this seems a little harsh. Visiting his family back in January was when we were stopped ticketed searched arrested made bail then took back into custody at court in March. This is my first experience with a loved one in prison and I must say it sticks to high heavens. This is the first time we have been separated for more than a few mins at a time since our very first date missing him terribly. Was told he would be able to make a call within 30 days and I'm still waiting. Can anyone explain how reception works and then on to mainland?

fbopnomore 08-05-2019 06:55 AM

Hi and welcome to the Prison Talk California forums.

sidewalker 08-05-2019 07:55 AM

reception is the hardest part (or rather one of the hardest parts)
As I understand it, reception inmates do get one call a month. (was not that way before)
Letters are the least expensive way to keep in contact but even those take a while for them to get.
Not sure if you are in FL or CA but if you are going to visit him, he's got to send you a visit application. Fill it out completely, accurately and honestly.
You might check the Wasco forums
for info more specific to Wasco.

Reception is supposed to be like a few months, but can take a bit until they can find room for him at his *mainline* prison.
He will see his counselor at some point and be told he might be sent to *whatever prison* but that does not mean its a for sure thing. They will place him in a facility that has a bed for him (his level, needs etc)

Here is to hoping he does not have a long term.

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