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lisainengland 03-26-2011 10:03 AM

Rehabilitation Programs ~ 2011 Update

Mettanokit is a non-profit learning center and service organization working for a more human society based on the old values of cooperation and equality and the closeness and caring found in the elder tribal societies
Part of their program is offering Native circles in prisons. They currently have 10 of these circles in New England prisons. Description of these may be found in the booklet Ending Violent Crime

Website :

Contact :
By Email:
By Phone:
New Hampshire, USA:
(603) 878-2310
Copenhagen, Denmark:
(45) 32 571471
By Mail:
Medicine Story
167 Merriam Hill Road
Greenville, NH 03048

Prison Pet Partnership

The Prison Pet Partnership Program is a model for the nation in the area of the rehabilitation of female offenders within the criminal justice system in Washington State. It began in 1981 with an idea by Sister Pauline Quinn, where inmates would reach out to help others by training special dogs that would assist a disabled person.

Website :

Contact :
Prison Pet Partnership Program
Washington State Corrections Center for Women
PO Box 17
Gig Harbor, Washington 98335
Phone: (253) 858-4240
Prison Pet Partnership Program
e-mail at:
Sister Pauline through e-mail:

Pathfinders of Oregon

Pathfinders is a 501(c)(3) social service agency whose mission is to break the cycle of criminality. By providing cognitive-based programs and supportive services for pro-social living, Pathfinders helps criminal justice-involved adults and at-risk youth to avoid entering, or re-entering, the corrections system.

Website :

Contact :

Truine Arts

Educational resource for restorative justice programs: Resolving Conflict Creatively between Victims and Youth Offenders through "Diversion" and "Transformation" is an educational resource intended to raise public awareness of an al ternative to the existing justice system's approach, to provide training and to encourage citizens to participate in community justice practices.

Website :

Contact : Email ~ or their mailing address is : TRIUNE ARTS
1804 Bedell Road
RR #5
Kemptville, Ontario
Canada K0G 1J0

Victim -Offender Reconciliation Programs (VORP )

Victim-Offender Mediation Programs (VOMP), also known as Victim-Offender Reconciliation Programs (VORP) is a restorative justice approach that bring offenders face-to-face with the victims of their crimes with the assistance of a trained mediator, usually a community volunteer.
Website :

Contact : Email ~ or their mailing address is :
Victim - Offender Reconciliation Program (VORP)
Information and Resource Center
P.O Box 1486
Asheville, NC 28802
(828) 318-2178

teasterwood08 05-26-2011 06:28 PM

Post Release Programs
Does anyone know of any programs offered after release with services like rehab, job placement and that sort of thing in SW Georgia or Tallahasee area??

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