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angel56 11-08-2005 07:13 AM

Looking for someone
I am helping someone get in touch with her brother.I do know he is in Jefferson prison or jail.Does anyone know a number she could call or maybe who to talk with.She has not seen her brother in years.He is in Jefferson and his name is Carl Davis.Any info would be deeply appreciated.

loveSunnyH 11-08-2005 12:21 PM

Here is a link to his picture and information. (I assume it's him, he's the only Carl Davis at Jefferson)
You can follow it backwards to get the address for the facility, etc. Let us know if you need anything else.

angel56 11-10-2005 07:00 PM

I want to thankyou for the information.It is the right person and she will be able to get in touch.Thankyou so much! Angel56

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