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patchouli 03-13-2020 10:30 PM

Ohio DOC has suspended all visits
Ohio has implemented safety measures; these safety measures include:

1. Visiting will be suspended indefinitely;
2. Volunteers entering our facilities will be suspended indefinitely;
3. Only mission critical contractors (construction, medical, food service, etc.) will be permitted to enter the facilities. Mission critical will be determined by the managing officer;
4. Staff, mission critical contractors, and attorney health screenings will begin upon entry into the facilities;
5. No outside inmate workers will be in the community; inmate workers will only be permitted on state grounds;
6. Only mission critical transfers will take place. Reception, medical, and security are mission critical.
7. In-service training will be changed to mission critical only.
8. CTA trainings will only be mission critical and those necessary for staff to maintain their positions/certifications/licensures.<img alt="">


We have established a specialized stakeholder support line regarding COVID-19. The phone number assigned to this call center is 614-728-1142. There is an email address that will be used to supplement calls

...and from Ohio DOC's twitter page:


March 13, all inmates will receive: 2 free 5 min calls/week through GTL; Free access to eBooks through GTL; and JPAY is providing 1 free 15 min video visit/week. ALL video visits are limited to 15 mins at a price of $3.50 per visit. This is temporary while visiting is suspended.

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