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Alh362 05-22-2012 03:58 PM

Sidewalker thank you! Only 3weekshave to go I'm hoping he will get to see her before he goes there

afspouse 06-13-2012 07:03 PM


Originally Posted by Alh362 (Post 6777895)
Sidewalker thank you! Only 3weekshave to go I'm hoping he will get to see her before he goes there

My husband went through court martial in August and was sentenced to 15 months at Miramar. He did a weekend in county before heading out to Vandenberg AFB for two months while he was being out processed from his duty station before he finally arrived at the brig. In February he was up for parole, which took 3 more months before he heard back and on the 30th, he was approved to be released. So he is on parole now but at his parent's house in OK (our son & I live in CA). If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I will answer whatever I can and have no problem hasseling my hubby for more answers. :)

Hellokt86 06-24-2012 02:41 PM

Phone calls
Hi, my husband was just sent to Miramar last week for 3 months. I'm trying to figure out a way to put money on a phone account for him. Is it correct that I can send him a money order and he can apply that to making phone calls? Also, I have been told that he can receive stamps if I order them through USPS and have them mailed to him there. Can anyone tell me if that's correct? Any information I can get will be helpful.

Thanks :)

Kate_Miramar 08-16-2012 12:56 AM

You can only send a money order to the prisoners name

Prisoner's Name
PO Box 452136
San Diego, Ca

The stamps the prisoner will buy with the money that you put in his account. You can not send stamps, even if they are from the USPS. Also you can only send books and such directly from a website, such as amazon.

If you need any other Info, I just visited on Monday and am returning in 16 days to visit my boyfriend again!

I know its a difficult time so If I can help at all with any information just messgae me!


lsusan99 05-11-2013 09:03 PM

Life after miramar??
Question for former Miramar inmate(s): Did the staff help you prepare for life after prison? What are you doing now? What's the job situation like? My 22 year old son has been in Miramar for a month, serving a 3 year sentence. I appreciate anything you can tell me, thanks!

Subie24 05-23-2013 07:57 PM


Originally Posted by lsusan99 (Post 7141044)
Question for former Miramar inmate(s): Did the staff help you prepare for life after prison? What are you doing now? What's the job situation like? My 22 year old son has been in Miramar for a month, serving a 3 year sentence. I appreciate anything you can tell me, thanks!

My son was at Charleston for a year. They have classes that they can take - I believe Miramar is similar to Charleston. They also can work (probably have to) and they can take college classes. We had to but the books and send them directly through amazon but he was able to use his gi bill for the classes. Have him take as many as he can and clep what he can too. It all amounts to "good time" which significantly shortens his time. My son was supposed to serve 2 years but ended up at about 18 months (he was in the brig at his base prior to his trial).

I know how hard this is as a parent. I hope you're holding up ok. I'm not on too often now but feel free to pm me. Good luck to you and to your son.

Subie24 05-23-2013 07:58 PM

Just realized you're also from NJ.....

LC122513 06-07-2015 11:02 PM

Need a 2015 update on this. Anyone newly served there? My fiancée is going to be serving time there. How much GC days do inmates get off each month? Anyone know about the sex offender program? What are new phone call prices and visiting policy? Website is down.

buddha1 03-14-2016 09:58 AM

If anyone has questions I served 18 months.
Non sex offender related so I can't speak for that program but I'll get notified of any questions and hopefully respond in a timely manner.

charlo22 02-05-2017 08:39 PM

worried husband

Originally Posted by airforced222 (Post 5520330)
I served a five year sentence at Miramar. I will tell you this about the place: I really enjoyed it there. It gave me a chance to find myself. Your friends and loved ones really need to hear from you often while they are there. There's nothing worse that seeing guys sitting around and watching TV while they call out the mail because they know nothing is coming. You loved ones locked away here are in a safe place. The inmates all are prior military members; so there is still a lot of pride. There's two "dorms" or "wards". They are divided up by two classes of personality. Alpha-males and passive males, but the staff will not tell you this. I was in the B3 dorm, which was the more aggressive dorm and I am fit and popular. The "blue-chair-potatoes" get picked on a lot for not going outside and enjoying recreation time. They are called that because the chairs are blue in the common areas where the TVs are. When you first arrive, you are put into D-Seg for an unknown amount of time while the staff figures out if you are safe for general-pop, the B-1 dorm. This is the induction dorm and it is divided up into two sides. One side is for the guys who will stay in the B-1 one dorm for awhile, mainly the detainees who are awaiting trial. The other side is for the guys waiting for a slot in the two previously mentioned dorms. B-2 or B-3. I will be honest; you want your loved one to go to the more dominate-male dorm. It will toughen them up in a relatively safe environment. The other will just allow them to continue they way they are and probably hide the kind of behavior that got them in here in the first place. By-the-way, this is the place that the military puts convicted sex-offenders. Let that sink-in for a minuet or two. If your loved one is here, and they have not told you why yet, you need to start asking questions when you are ready to hear the answers. Sure, there are a few, a VERY few here that are not, but with no exaggeration, I am talking about five out of three-hundred that are not S.O.s. Once your loved one is placed in the induction dorm, their life gets easier right away. They begin the one week induction class. They can begin sending mail. It you send money to your loved one, YOU MUST SEND IT AS A MONEY ORDER TO THEIR NAME!!!!! Anything else will be sent back or torn in half!!!!! They accept most major money orders. My mom, wife, and friends used western union and I never had any trouble. SEND NOTHING BUT MAIL OR MONEY ORDERS!!!! Any "care-packages" get mailed back at your loved-ones expense, or get tossed into the trash. While I was there, we could still receive paper-back books, but they were talking about changing it. This was back in 2008, so I do know what to tell you about this. Your loved one wants a job out in industries. I worked in the wood-shop for two years. I loved it. No, they will not get paid for ANYTHING! The brig gets away with doing this by calling all the jobs "training." I recommend laundry, wood-shop, welding, supply, or the warehouse. You are relatively left alone by the staff as you work and it's the only sense of normal life in the whole place. Um, once they are placed in one of the two dorms, they can ask for a job. They will soon have their own room, depending on space. Right now is a pretty critical time for them. They need to learn how to "fit-in." Stay quiet, keep you head down AND BE RESPECTFUL TO THE OLD TIMERS!!! Anyone who has been there for more than a year they need to respect. Do this, and they will be everyone's friend soon enough. Once they are in the "in-crowd", they just need to go outside and enjoy the sun for rec-call, maybe lift weights every once in a while, go to work, and run on the tread-mill. Do this for the remainder of the time and it'll be easy for them. However, if they have a hard time adjusting to this, then, they will more than likely be labeled an outcast. They do not want this.

random question. my wife is in there for pre trial confinement what does that mean. does that mean that they are going to some type of court martial trial or they are just there just to be held. also my wife is also 10 weeks pregnant do you thin that they might be more sensitive towards the situation

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