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alyshia 11-15-2020 08:17 AM

Can I email my form for FL DOC visitation approval?

I want to know, is it possible for emailing the form for the visiting.
He is housed in Century in Florida.
On the site i can't find any email adress,. We wanted video visit but i have to be on his visiting list.

I am from the Netherlands, so i am sorry for my bad english,

I hope someone could help me further,

GingerM 11-15-2020 08:28 AM

I believe you can email your form to his classification officer, if you can find that person's name on the Century or DOC website.

Your other option is to email it to someone who lives in the US and ask them to put it in the mail, if you're trying to save on mailing time and postage. Otherwise, sending post will be your best bet.

Getting approved for visits can be surprisingly fast, or incredibly slow. It's impossible to predict. You will want to include a photocopy of your passport - other forms of identification won't be accepted.

This is a good time to send in your application - I seem to recall that visitation is still on hold in many Florida prisons due to Covid.

alyshia 11-15-2020 11:42 AM

Thanks for helping me, i am going to post it, thanks

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