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Ronnie 11-03-2005 08:26 PM

National Marriage Encounter Prison Ministry
National Marriage Encounter Prison Ministry, Inc.

The mission of NNEPM is to promote and encourage marriage and family life by offering Marriage Encounter programs and support materials for the incarcerated man and woman. NNEPM enables people to discover God's vision of marriage, thereby leading them to a clearer understanding of their relationship with each other and with God.

To read more about the organization click here

Now the M.E. program is available to inmates and their spouses in book form. This do-it-yourself format helps husbands and wives who are separated by incarceration to deal with improving communication, understanding ourselves and each other, strengthening our relationship, forgiving, growing in trust, our relationship with God, our prayer life, and planning for the future.

Ronnie 11-03-2005 08:33 PM

Their programs are based on these four principles:

"I" PHASE: Learning to appreciate themselves as individuals.

WE PHASE: Couples learn communication skills and come to accept each other in a way that rekindles their love relationship.

WE/GOD PHASE: Couples examine their relationship with God.

WE/GOD/WORLD PHASE: Couples let their love spiral out to others, and set goals for the future.


I think that if we keep all of these things at the forefront of our marriages we can survive this and not become part of the negative statistic of the rising number of prison marriages that end in divorce.

miamac 02-21-2016 12:27 PM

Updated Link
Updated link, 2016:

National Marriage Encounter Prison Ministry

"Marriage Encounter is an enrichment program for husbands and wives. Experienced by well over a million couples worldwide, this popular marriage enrichment program has been adapted to the prison setting. Now you and your spouse can experience many of its life changing benefits via this web site.

The Marriage Encounter exercises assist couples in discovering their marriage in the plan of God and provide the path to a more open, loving, truthful, intimate and joyful marriage relationship. You actually give the M.E. experience to each other, so the more effort you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it."

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