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tddtex 05-07-2020 07:05 PM

Can I be released on Federal Probation to another state?
So I am headed to prison. Have not been sentenced as of yet but looking at about a year in CT area.

Question -- I am divorsed, family is older and I have a fiance in Texas.

Can I be released from BOP in Ct area and serve my probation in Texas?
How do i even start that process?

fbopnomore 05-08-2020 04:53 AM

Yes it is possible to get a "change of release location" approved. Your unit team case manager can initiate the paperwork, which has to be approved by the receiving US Probation Office. The request, which should include as many valid reasons why the new location is more favorable to his reentry chances than the old one (job, family, school, etc.), is usually sent 3 to 4 months prior to your expected "half way house" reporting date.

It is also possible to apply for a transfer of supervised release from one POs office to another, but my PO told me it is more likely to have a change approved from prison than it is to transfer supervision once you are assigned to a POs case load.

tddtex 05-08-2020 07:41 AM

As usual -- THANK YOU!!

One question that came up yesterday, I am engaged AND do not have any other family in Texas .

Would it actually be easier if I was married to her , to get released to her??

bellisq 05-08-2020 10:20 AM

You can get a release designation transfer. You would have to request for it about 9 months before the transfer. Getting home confinement is a process that both the BOP and Probation Office participate in. There has to be a good reason for the transfer and the receiving state PO has to approve. I know Florida can be difficult accepting drug defendants from out of state, because they have a big and difficult case load.

I think having a spouse in the state is a solid reason. Also having a community there is good too.

Predicting what the BOP will look like next year is anybody's guess right now. The First Step Act was supposed to make Home Confinement quicker and easier (Hard to imagine.) I have a feeling we're going to see a bunch more class action suits and some more user friendly policies. I would settle for some transparency or an overseeing body. They are too free to operate on their own.

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