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MrsBenji 09-06-2005 10:18 AM

Welcome to the Continuing and Adult Education Forum!!
Welcome to the Continuing and Adult Education forum!!

We are here to talk about anything that has to do with post-secondary education! Questions, experiences, rants, general information, and anything else that you'd like to ask/share about getting a higher education.

Welcome!! And feel free to jump in and join us!!


k_marie1959 10-27-2005 08:05 PM

hello i am looking for something to
do online, classes, courses in computor maybe, or medical transcription, something not too expensive, as I am not working and live with my bf of a year, But I am 46 and feeling little bit useless, and need something I can do at home,, that I can feel good about myself, and make little cash for my desires, not lots , just something to make me feel I am someone and am doing something productive. I worked many years, but low paying food service, dry cleaning, ect jobs, love people do well with them, but until i get carpal tunnel fixed, cant do alot, typing I can handle to a point, ( mm so medical transcription may have to wait lol) have wrist splints though now i wear, so might be able to handle more.
I live in washington st, ( city of auburn) anyone know of any thing thats good , legit and maybe finacial aid please email me, e-mail removed per PTO policy, or post here or pm me,
ty Kat

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