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Default 700 people on California's death row

This week California sent its 700th person to death row!

(these are pieces of different articles about California's death row)

It costs $90,000 more per year to house a death row inmate as compared to a regular inmate. It costs $90,000 more per year to house a death row inmate as compared to a regular inmate. California seems to be very conflicted over the death penalty. On the one hand a rather large number are sentenced to death but only a handful are actually put to death.

The newly convicted are requesting the death penalty not because they feel guilty but because they know they had nothing to worry about. They knew it would be years before they would be executed, and they would be living in very comfortable conditions for an inmate. Death row inmates also have more privacy than other inmates because of the state’s overpopulation. Criminals that have committed crimes of less severity are packed closer together and do not receive nearly as many benefits as the violent death row criminals. In contrast, the death row inmates have the most privacy.

While the inmates are on death row, they receive breakfast and dinner in their cells and they eat lunch in outdoor exercise areas. The inmates also have access to a television, CD player, phone privileges, and other accessories.

Only 13 executions have taken place since 1977.

***wow, something has to give in California don't you think?

I do have a couple of friends on California's death row and I know many others on there from my previous legal work though I am not in touch with them. Things could be worst, as we all know, but right now I'm grateful for his living conditions. Except with the situation of lack of heat in the cold season and lack of air conditioning in the summer. Well he has a fan that works well but in the cold season he was freezing his butt off. He doesn't complain at all. He feels he deserves everything he gets. I know him and know he's come a long way from where he was when this crime happened 20 years ago. I know it's easy to judge him but I have to say there are mitigating circumstances. I wouldn't want to see him put to death. Not him nor my other pal. Actually not any of them.

I think something has to give in California eventually. Don't you?

**please don't respond if you have anything negative to say. PTO is a support site. Thank you.

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