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California has the single most power Corrections Officer Union in the United States. They are the highest paid of all COs by far. If you are making it the arguement that it is expensive to keep people on death row as compared to regular prison, you need to back that up. The cost is legal cost associated with the appeals process.

I am not trying to make people mad or hurt anyones feelings. I debate this stuff to get my head around the subject when I talk to others.

Explain to me why the arguement about expenses does not just favor less appeals and a swifter death penalty. I will tell you the truth. People on juries in this country send people to death row because to them it isnt really real. With only 2% of the people sent to death row actually put to death, juries go home and sleep like a baby after handing down a death sentence. Yes, it is the judge be he sleeps fine also. I oppose the death sentence. I oppose any prison term over five years for anything. But long sentences are a result of people trying to be more humane. The road to hell paved with good intentions.

Tell me how to stop people from killing each other. Death row needs to go away but so do murderers.
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