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Default Pray for Jason, my son

my son has a mental illnes called :sphksoprenia" he has had this for about 7 years now, after he lost all his 3 boys to cps, and they have now been adopted to different familys.. well i have had to have him commited now 3 times, for not takeing his meds, he has to take resperodone for the rest of his life. he canot function with out it. well he has stopped yet again just 3 weeks ago, he is very hard to deal with, i have called his case worker to jhelp me with him but i just cant understand as to why they dont care at all. i have had to deal with his mentability 3 times while my man his father was in prison, well he is out now and he couldnt understand as to why he wont take his meds he talked to him like he would understand, i explained to him he cant understand what you are telling him. well his case worker said to wait till after 6 pm to call crisis to come out and talk to him, well tragety happened before that, my husband was talking to him to take his meds, so my son who is 6 feet tall and 300lbs got up from his chair walked to my husband and said"why did you spit on me punk?" i screamed at him saying he didnt spit on you well just when i said that he clenched his fist and punched my man in the nose and he went flying, i was screaming and hollering at my son, as to why he did that, he went outside and then got a big rock and threw it at my big picture window. glass went in my throut and all over me and my daughter. well the cops came and he had a warrent for his arrest but they didnt arest him they took him to magellan a mental facility for him to be watched over for 24 hours as to wether will let him go or put him in the hospital well they said within the first talk they had with him, they decided to put him in the mental facility. i havnt seen my son for 2 days and it breaks my heart. once he is on his meds he is fine and my son is back again, but he is so hard to deal with when he stops..
so im just asking for everyone to pray for my son and us, sorry this was so long, but if i can help someone with some questions and answers about mental health, as i know much about this.
god bless to all!!!!!!!!! oh my husband nose is broken, but he is ok

my soulmate is now home!!

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