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((((((hugs)))))))) the unfortunet thing is that those with mental illness (myself included) so often times start to feel good and feel better and then get careless with taking meds, maybe one time it's missed on accident cuz you are feeling so good ya don't give it a thought bout needing those meds, then after that missed 1 or 2 it's oh well i'm still feeling good even though i've missed those so i'm good i must not REALLY NEED them anymore -- yea we know we REALLY DO NEED them but it's all a mental thought in our heads -- I do not suffer from what your son does, but still need to be on my meds and know that i have to take them everyday but doing so sometimes proves to be a different story!!!

YOU ARE ALL IN MY THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS --- Like you guy said it was worth it to get him the help so i guess in it all there is some good to what happend as your son is receiving the help needed to get him back on track! I'm also glad that it all wasn't more serious!! Hang in there mom! your son is lucky he's got you and that your man is who he is Keep us posted to how everyone's doing -- ((((((hugs)))))) i'm glad that the police took him where he really should have gone and not to jail warrent or not -- jail isn't where he should have been going! I know all to well bout having ppl commited as well and the pain in the rear that that can truly be! And that whole "wait to call crises intervention" blah on them! Most ppl know when your already trying to contact someone it's to the point that that person really really needs help now - not later! Again you are all in my thoughts n prayers
your pain may be more painful today, and my pain may be more painful tomorrow, your strength and courage may be higher today, and mine might be higher tomorrow, but one thing we all do share in ---- pain, strength and courage, and loving an inmate

I love him with everything i am and everything i have, including all my heart and soul <3
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