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Default 'American horror story': The prison voices you don't hear

'American horror story': The prison voices you don't hear from have the most to tell us

"Warning: This article includes graphic descriptions.

The men cry.

They speak in hushed tones, fearful they'll be labeled a "snitch" by guards.

Some witnessed so much mind-scarring violence that they fear they will never heal. Like the Alabama prisoner who saw another human being sodomized with a broomstick and assaulted with boiling water poured down his anus. Another man, in drug debt, was made to walk on all fours wearing a collar and leash like a dog.

All too often, the voices of the people directly affected by the Alabama prison system are not heard. Effectively cut off from the outside world, the lucky men have loved ones to advocate for their safety and welfare. Others have no one, can't afford to make phone calls from prison or have difficulty getting stamps to write.

In many ways, the state speaks for them. "
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