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Originally Posted by GingerM View Post
They are supposed to release him to the county in which he was convicted, regardless of where he calls home. He can put in for a change of release, and there's a not-zero chance that it would be approved assuming he 1) has no family or support network in/near Umatilla/TriCities and 2) does have support/family in Yamhill.

1. As Kimimi said, it's pretty typical for him to get moved to someplace with release programs around 6 months prior to release, and then to get his paperwork about 3 months prior to release (though I've heard of paperwork not getting to the person until a week prior to release.

2. His release plan is pretty much entirely under the direction of DOC. I don't know of any advocacy groups that can work with him on the inside to move this along. His best bet is to request an appointment with his counselor, if his counselor does not respond, then send a kyte to the next person up the chain explaining that he has not yet seen his counselor, that he'd like to see his counselor, and that the counselor is not replying to his kytes. He'll need to keep at this until he finally sees someone.

3. If he commits a crime egregious enough, he can definitely get transferred without seeing his counselor - I don't recommend that. So he really does need to advocate for his right to speak with his counselor.

4. He can request to be released to any county anywhere in the US. The difficult part is the paperwork. To release to a county in which he was NOT convicted, he'll need to request a release transfer. He may be able to do this through other channels than his counselor, I'm not sure (receiving and departures might have them?).

5. I think his best bet at the moment is to send at least 3 more kytes to his counselor requesting a meeting. The kytes should be worded civilly (no taking out frustrations on the counsellor), written so they're easily readable (penmanship), and make mention of the other dates on which a kyte was sent (e.g., "On October 31, I sent a kyte requesting a meeting with you, however, I have not heard back. I'm hoping this kyte reaches you. I need to set an appointment with you regarding my upcoming departure"). Definitely don't sound angry or hostile (no matter how angry he is) - all kytes are kept on record in both hardcopy and electronic form, so what he's trying to do is establish a paper trail.

I wish him luck. The biggest thing for him to figure out is if he's going to be releasing soon, if so, is he releasing to Umatilla or Yamhill. If his sentences are running consecutively, he would release to where the most recent crime was committed (Umatilla). DOC does attempt to get people back to their family upon release.

I know I haven't given you much information that you didn't already have, but ... it's how the system works.

Welcome to PTO. I hope to see your name around more often, though I'm sorry you need to be here at all.
Thank you both for your responses. They were more helpful than anything else I have been able to find. I let him know.

He has been sending Kytes once a week. He just received a response from someone who said that his counselor isn't his counselor anymore and wouldn't be responded. He also said that he couldn't help him because he doesn't have his case, but he would let him know when he is assigned a new counselor.

- Seems like a terrible time not to have a counselor to me.

The altercation with the guard was the most recent crime and it was in Umatilla, but it was a long time ago - 4 years maybe? So I hope they wouldn't be giving him a hard time about that now.

He had been requesting to be put into some release programs for quite a few months after not being able to reach his counselor, but just got a response that he would need to meet with his counselor to get referred into them (which he had tried to do), but now that he has less than 6 months to the gate, he wouldn't even qualify.

His Dad moved to Hawaii a couple of years ago and his brother doesn't have any room at his place in Yamhill county, so I am hoping that won't hurt his release.

Does anyone know if he gets released to Umatilla, does he have to stay there and be homeless? or will he be able to put in some sort of transfer once he's out?
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