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Default Son wants to withdraw plea

Thanks for your replies. Sentencing day came and was postponed because my son was very upset that the lead lawyer sent his associate . We are all angry with this firm because we've seen very little of the lawyer we hired. We hired him for a reason and are disappointed. This lawyer sold himself on lies about my son having a strong defense and prosecutor has nothing. We paid a flat fee to him and he said that would cover all costs to a trial if necessary. I knew that after 3 years this guy had wished we were paying him hourly. He even hinted at it. We feel he wants to finish up quickly.

So my son requested a postponement so the lead lawyer can appear and the judge granted it. My husband pointed out some things to his associate and now it seems they will write another attachment to the sentence reduction request asking for a lower sentence. It's a violation of graves act and it was a 12 yr sentence with parole after 9. They told us that was the best scenario. Now they are requesting less. Sentencing is next month.

I appreciate all the feedback.

Thank you
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