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Originally Posted by deanwil View Post
hi thank you again.this just gets stranger by the day lol. he has not quite said that but he has said im the only one who is helping him. i pay for his stamps. and give him 60$ a MONTH.thats a gift tho. for hygiene and candy.but i put some pictures of us on f/b his.and not one of his friends like it.i found that drives me crazy not knowing.
I'm sorry, but I smell a serious con-job here.

What is he doing to help himself?
Does he have a prison job?

The "I have no one to help me..." line is seriously manipulative. The appropriate response, from a psychological standpoint, is:

"Wow, that must be really challenging for you. I have a lot of confidence in you being able to sort that out?"

Tell him you're short on funds the next few months and won't be able to send his usual "stipend"... Curious to see how he behaves and responds.
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