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Default My cousin tried to hit on my man....

Well this week I recieved a letter and in the letter my man told me that my cousin who was my roommate had been trying to hit on him since we started talking. I already had a feelin that she was kinda jealous of our relationship and she didn't want us together. Well I became pregnant for him in Feb. and she tried so hard to make him believe that I was pregnant for someone else. She told him that I was seeing someone else which was all a lie. At first I didn't know who had made that lie up, but I had a feeling it was her. We started to argue a bit over it but we never split up. I'm not mad him for waiting so long to tell me because I already knew because I know how she is. He told me that he didn't want to tell me sooner because she was my roomie and he didn't want me 2 fight her in front of her kids cause he said im crazy. I'm glad he told me though. But as for my cousin I am really pissed at her. I am going to confront her soon but I don't know what to tell her. I will never trust her and I will never look at her the same. When I do confront her I know she is gonna probably try and say that she didn't do any of that. I believe him over her any day because she is such a liar.We no longer live together. What should I tell her?
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