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Default Housing Help after Parole

I’m looking for someone that can help me. My fiancée is patroling on September 11, 2018. My question is I moved into an apartment about 4 months ago in Henderson, Nv. The apartment is under my name and qualified with 3x’s the rent, I didn’t put my fiancée a name on the lease because he needed to be present. Here’s my dilemma, my fiancée was told that some HOAs and or apartments deny a felon from moving in. Does parole and probation talk with the apartment complex before him moving in? Would I need to have this discussion with them prior to parole and probation? Could the apartment complex deny him moving in even though I’m the one on the lease? Breaking the lease and moving again would be horrible.

This is really stressing me out as my fiancée has a high profile case for a family tragity and parole and probation has railroaded him time and time again.

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