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Originally Posted by AngelBabyy View Post
Hey friends~ so my friend has been at stateville NRC for several months now waiting to be transferred but they’re not currently moving anyone due to Covid. Does anyone have an LO there? Does anyone know how often they are allowed phone time and when they can shop commissary? It’s a tough time right now! Also it seems the mailroom is backed up! Thanks 💕
Hi! I know it’s been horrendous there. They actually transferred out over 800 offenders to their parent prisons the last two days. They’re allowed the phone once a week, after their phone list is approved. They can shop once a month for $15, hygiene only. But it’s been such a mess there. And yes the mail room is very behind. Be sure you’re writing NRC on the envelope it will help them sort his mail quicker. Buses have been coming in from the county jails simultaneously and they’ve turned away becuz they haven’t made space, or incoming transfers are testing positive. If I were you, I’d keep checking his IDOC # online. His photo will change once he’s transferred then the next day it’ll say where he is. Sign up for VINE notifications too. Whenever he’s transferred out he will undergo a mandatory 14 day quarantine and no one knows yet if they’ll get the phone during that.
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