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Originally Posted by Visitor611 View Post
There's been a lot of people to criticize DOC for the last 2 weeks, but Oregon doesn't have dozens of prisons, and they have one female one. I get that it sucked, but moving 3000 people at various times in close proximity is a monumental challenge, and they did it with 48 hours of prep time. Add with where we are at with commutation now, and I barely function through each day. Can we not see our people through glass? I'm so beaten down.
Stay strong, this too will pass. I hate the new email system because it is much slower but it is what it is. He doesn't have phone time right now because they are locked down and it seems to just get more and more difficult to communicate (we started the year with him in the hole). I decided to deal with the stress by planning Christmas. Want to join me? I am coming up with some fun ideas to implement because, hopefully, things are better by then. And, if they are not, then my love will get some joy in his life. Let's hatch plots)))
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