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Originally Posted by RaeLR View Post
Stay strong, this too will pass. I hate the new email system because it is much slower but it is what it is. He doesn't have phone time right now because they are locked down and it seems to just get more and more difficult to communicate (we started the year with him in the hole). I decided to deal with the stress by planning Christmas. Want to join me? I am coming up with some fun ideas to implement because, hopefully, things are better by then. And, if they are not, then my love will get some joy in his life. Let's hatch plots)))
You experience something different. A vast majority of our messages are delivered within 10 minutes of it being sent. I'm assuming because its the smaller number. Someone at each facility has to approve everything I'm guessing. This is what I feel like the world is doing to me . This wasn't awful when we spent 5 nights in the plain ass visiting room a week. You are already planning christmas?! What did you have in mind? With how Oregon is on its phased reopening, I have this feeling we aren't going to get visits until a vaccine comes out.
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