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Originally Posted by Visitor611 View Post
You experience something different. A vast majority of our messages are delivered within 10 minutes of it being sent. I'm assuming because its the smaller number. Someone at each facility has to approve everything I'm guessing. This is what I feel like the world is doing to me . This wasn't awful when we spent 5 nights in the plain ass visiting room a week. You are already planning christmas?! What did you have in mind? With how Oregon is on its phased reopening, I have this feeling we aren't going to get visits until a vaccine comes out.
I think you could be right about visits. Depressing. I always plan for a great Christmas and somehow it never pans out (last year he was in the hole) but I keep trying. I want to send something every day, pics, card, thoughts, maybe puzzle pieces with some message, etc., during the month of December. I decided to start getting stuff together early because it gives me something to smile about. I was also thinking to look over the commissary list and find some recipes of things they can make in there with the ingredients. I sent a prison cookbook a couple of years ago and the guys pooled their resources to make a big Christmas meal (didn't work either because they ended up in lockdown). I don't know if you send her racy photos but, if you do, then maybe that's the thing you can give her every day))) I can't get racy letters past the mailroom or I would write one hell of a Christmas story. Haha. This is definitely not the life for the faint of heart. Stay strong, this will pass... Put on your thinking cap and start having some fun!!!
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