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Default Fiance at J.T.V.C.C-How to get married?

Hi..I just found this site and excited to find people like me with someone they love at the same prison. Im a loner but would love to make one real close FM friend who understands what Im going through...WOW Im real greatful to have found this site! I been writing somone my family knows in prison the past 2 yrs. We want to get married and I have a lot to learn. My name is Rheanna I live in Seaford, De Im 35. My fiance name is Benny Walls in Unit C. Hes finished his mandatory time but has 5 yrs to go. Please if you can help I will listen. Im watching the Lock Up marathon on MSNBC. Makes me feel closer to him. I did 11 days in jail once and it was good for me. Gave me a heart and a bit of understand to relate to Benny. Ive got alot of faith and refuse to give concideration to doubt so please if you write say something possitive. Im really not interested in anyone telling me Im dumb or dont know what Im doing. I came here for support and understanding. With faith anything is possible. God bless the true blues.
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