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I have no clue lol i do know the man propose to my friend and 2015 and again early part of winter of 2015 ,oct nov, and she got a letter as he did saying both have to try back and ask the prison "chaplain"this spring before end of may 2016
and that is what they were going to do,but i am thinking even by then it still will not have the chaplain,or so both of them are thinking. JTV is weird,and i know by the time it would have happened,it will not be needed now since he was just move i heard today to GANDER. She and he both are very happy. He was accepted in Delaware KEY program, so he should be release she said sometime in less than a year, 2017. Good luck. Hoping by now you found the answers you are searching for. God bless. and if you are married congrats.

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