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Default need some help on understanding my bf time

Originally Posted by DoingTimeinLove View Post
Seems like a common problem for all of us is calculating time whether it be good time, parole, violent/non-violent offenses, etc. If anyone is having a problem doing the math leave the following info and maybe we can help one another...

* total number of years sentenced
* violent or non-violent offense
* 1st time offender, 2nd time offender, 3rd time offender, etc...(will say if the inmate is eligible for parole or not)
* any detainers
* extra charges for probation/parole violations
* and any other helpful information that you can think of
He is sentenced for 5 years. Non violent offense. Action date 6/17/2015 detainer yes
orIginla sent 7/17/14 probably tech absconded, original sent 4/3/14 revoc-prob-new felony on 4/17/15
Offender class 02
WRED 3/6/15
Ped 6/1/16
Ctrp release factor 210 days
correct gt act offense #9

What does this mean? Will he have to wait 9n the 3/6/19 release date? Can he get probation?
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