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Default My Visitation (Detail per Detail)LONG..CAMP HILL

Actually, Imma write about the whole classification time and the visitation for all our newbies and for those who are to experience:

(Again all this is at our favorite place of CAMP HELL (Rolling eyes)

He went in on April 3, 2008 (Thursday)...That day his name was still on the county list and on the inmate locator he did not show up...He was able to call me but for us the call didn't get thru...Someone at county did call his family or I guess emergency contact he had down....

On Monday since I already knew that on Thursday he was getting transferred I called and got his inmate number and mailed him letters

I got my first letter on April 8, 2008 (Tuesday)...I got a generated letter from the jail giving me some details and him...

The mail works okay not like I thought it would....When he gives in my letters they don't get sent out the same day usually it takes about 1-2 days for the jail to send it out and I get it on the 3rd day out! He gets my written usps letters depending if I have pictures, too many pages, he gets them in anywhere from 4-8 days...If I have pictures it takes longer! I use jpay now to write he usually gets the letters the same day or the next depending what time you send them!!!

Ummm...I called every week to 'check the status of his visiting list' they will not tell you who is on it but they will usually tell you if its approved or not.....The people aren't the friendliest and sometimes you get a run around but keep calling....

On April 30th, I called and it was approved before he even knew it! I wrote him a jpay letter telling him about it so he knew I was going up the following week!

On May6th, I got my first phone call...It was to my cell with the area code of the jail and we got to speak for 15 mins...The recording every now and then reminds you that your being monitor...Or I dunno if its because it picks up certain words ...Like he was like 'SHUT UP' and the recording came on I am not sure how that goes...I told him about my visitation and he said he still didn't receieve notice that it was approve but if they said it was to come cuz my name was on it!!!! The call was prepaid by was 15 bucks and I think that allows him 3 calls...(While being classfied they can only call every other 4 days)

On May 7, 2008 I head out of NYC to Camp Hill....Okay I wanted to get reliable public transporation but really the guards weren't the friendly type to start talking and the one I did see posted I had called before going and was out of service...sorry guys no info on that....So for me how I got to camp hill...(and maybe for any out of staters would like to do)....I took the Amtrak to Harrisburg P.A (The state capital and about 15 mins away from camp hill)...I arrived at Harrisburg at 10:40 ....(Visiting on wed start at 1) Since I thought it was too early I walked around (dumb move)....I deceided to head out to the prison at 11:15...I caught a cab they usually wait at the bus station its a 11 bucks ride but my cab driver "got lost" so it was 15 to get there.... and by the time I got there...There were about 15 people in front I waited from about 11:30 to exactly 1:00 just waiting for the guest house to open...People usually start forming a line...if they aren't on can be the brave one and ask anybody on line or just keep in mind who came after that they don't skip you!!!Its very important this matters so just remember who came after you!!! Once the doors open a line will form inside....GUYS PAY ATTENTION NOW:

You get in a line according to how you came....if that line wasn't already form on the outside...You need a current id (if your taking your passport cuz your id expired take both!)....You go up to these guards...that really aren't rude but aren't friendly they just doing there job no questions ask no give them your inmate number.....they check there computer if everything is okay...they give you a pass....ask for your keys if you need a you sign a book right near (i almost over looked this) and I put my bag in the locker...I turned off my phones because I heard that if the phones go off on the locker they will terminate your visit....Oh and DO NOT BE ON YOUR PHONE WHILE YOUR IN....forget about ur phone and just put it away....So you wait.....its hard to draw a mental picture...but you sit down...and to your right there will be another guard with the metal detectors...every time his phone ring its because they brought up an inmate...It does not matter who was before you or after depends on how fast they get the inmate to the visiting a few of the girls that went in after me got in before me! You, wait no more then an hour...if you see an hour has passed go up to the guard at the metal detector and ask....I was wearing skinny jeans and a black long shirt.....a braclet and some shoes were open flats...I went thru with no ion after waiting an hr my name was called....I went thru the detector...straight out to the visiting room...once I am in the visitor room I hand in my visiting pass and they are sitting right there (Just I didn't recongize my man of how much he has changed) so I was really really surprise when I looked around and he was right in front of he got up...Our hug and kiss was ackward...we were both nervous/ it was a side cheek kiss wierd hug type shyt...the guard I guess figga it was our first time and said go ahead give him a hug and kiss cuz you can't after we did...I was told it was only a peck..I got more then a peck (not a problem!)...They assign you a seat...

The room is styled I would say like a hospital waiting room...your seating right next to can hold hands....The vending machine are in the back they can't get up with you....the vending machines were not crowded...or you can get up as often as you want....

My visit was 5 hrs!!! It was good...we didn't try to sneak kisses...the guard was kewl...didn't see him or pay much mind to him either....the other people were in there own world....the play room I think was close...and no pictures the day I went...

They start calling people who fives hours are on a try to remember also who went in before you can prep for GOOD BYE (sigh).....The good bye is like the go up...he gives u back ur paper....kiss and hug...walk out.....

I got home the same process....I took a cab back to the bus station and took the bus home!!!!

Hmmm...I am not sure if this will help anyone...But this is my story...and While I was going thru it I couldn't find info all together on one post so I made sure I was going to help the next person...please do not hesitate to pm me with questions/ if your going thru this and already had visitation please add any thoughts comments, situations that happen to you!!!

Ummm okay I think I wrote enough!!!
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