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First off, I have heard of them reviewing them for parole while they are still in county. Some have been reviewed in just few months after being sent to TDC. And second, I don't know who is telling you that he will be denied because only the voting board members can make that decision. Some have made it the first time around. Keep your hope and faith alive on that one.

Now if I am understanding you correctly, he has 2 charges--sentences to run concurrent- 1 charge he received 5 and the other 2 but for a total of 5. So for the 2 year charge when he comes up for parole, if he is reviewed as soon as you think he will arrive at TDC, that charge will not be considered time served since you say he has to serve the whole 2. Right now he has served only 13 mths of the 5 year sentence. Now since you are saying that he has to serve 2 years flat, then he may only be given a year set off leaving him to serve only a little over 2 years by time his 2nd review comes up which is a good thing. When are they saying his projected release date is? I would think, and this is only my opinion, that he would make it the first time. Good luck.

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