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Hey Lace my husband just left Bibb tues. There are i know of 3 here that really helped me especially Deneise. U can pm me with questions. it took 3 weeks to get approved for visits seemed like 10. Took a couple of days for phone. 9 out of 10 cos were nice to me. He said most are cool to them. You can speed it along by making sure your inmate has your name,address,ss# dob already. take id didn't look too bad outside as prisons go. visit every other wknd 8-1 gets full bout 9-9:30. only chairs no tables 1 hug and kiss or the get written up. i have seen people do more don't know if they got in trouble. Can't take anything in there but u and id 2 forms everytime. Take 1 dollar for debit card and 5,10 or 20$ to put on it. food from machine available and most i saw ate like crazy. kids need birth certificate but there is nothing for them to do. so i would not take them. with extra money he can have u some nice gifts made from wood i have seen many. Dont remember seeing a picture on doc site but there is info general on there and i called and talked to a few people with general questions . Hope i helped let me know what u need answered and i will try to help. My man just transferred to Elmore so i know how u feel This is his first time in for 2 ys out this oct in since nov 03. So i am new to this. Good luck talk to ya soon. Gotta go get Prince tickets
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