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I am in a big rut as far as the N. H. DOC is concerned. As far as good time in New Hampshire, my experience is is that its all b######T. One can be as good as gold during one's incarceration but if you've had prior problems you're not eligible. Thus not a good depiction of good time. John was offered the ankle bracelet last October, but was penalized cause he's from Mass. He was told he didn't qualify. He has to follow all the rules of N.H. but is disqualified for any good thing as he is from Massachusetts. I heard about this good time for so long. He would qualify to apply this month but was told he was not eligible as this incarceration was not his first. He 's been in Mass before though never N.H. So then since he's eligible for parole March 2010 I write to a person from Mass Parole . Questions you might want answered on Prison talk. I ask how hard will it be for John to get parole and come home. My reply back is that he can be paroled to Mass through the interstate compact but it is unlikely unless you are married or a family member that he can parole to your house. Wow that just was a mind blower for me as I am the only place he has. His family doesn't want him, nor have they bothered with him while he's been in N.H. So now I'm left with a worst taste in my mouth than prior for the NH doc. John's choice is to come to my house. I t is a good safe place. I am a professional and have stuck by him for almost 4 years. In six months he had completed his courses, taken a culinary arts class and is now in woodworking. He has not been in trouble and he does what's expected of him. I t just seems he can never catch a break with this DOC. They can call it what they want. But this clemency bill is nothing about good time. It judges you first on your past mistakes. This whole NH DOC is such a disappointment to me. I can only imagine what it's like for the inmate.
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