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Default over-population of prisons

Originally Posted by john's snoopdog View Post
I am in a big rut as far as the N. H. DOC is concerned. As far as good time in New Hampshire, my experience is is that its all b######T. In six months he had completed his courses, taken a culinary arts class and is now in woodworking. He has not been in trouble and he does what's expected of him... This whole NH DOC is such a disappointment to me. I can only imagine what it's like for the inmate.
Hi John’s,
I am sorry that you and John are going through this. I know how hard John has worked over these many months to not only comply with the doc’s rules, but also for the work he has done to better himself while he is there. And to you for your love, support and sacrifice in seeing your relationship through this, I give you great respect and admiration.
This is a good example as to why there is yet so much that has to be done in changing the way the courts and the prisons in NH function, and the way our legislators think. With the recent article (interview) I posted in the NH forum; “A New Course”, a lot was emphasized on alternative sentencing, cutting back the inmate population, community support and especially the need for programs and housing. Much was also mentioned about the many other States in the same over-population of prisons and dire budget crisis that NH now faces too.
Recently we’ve seen many topics range in different areas concerning the NHSP system along with the many jails in the different Counties around the State. An interview with Commissioner William Wrenn was a guest of Laura Knoy (NHPR) not too long ago. And more recently; William McGonigle (Deputy Commissioner of NH Department of Corrections) and Natasha Frost (Assistant Professor at Northeastern University’s College of Criminal Justice-Ma.) were also interviewed by NHPR’s Laura Knoy as well. Listen:Windows Media | MP3
Look, we are NOT through this yet! There is much to be done in the way of addressing these important issues. Getting out to vote makes changes possible! But we can also continue to write our legislators with our thoughts and ideas. After-all, we hired them w/our votes and we can just as easily fire them w/our votes too!
WHY are the NH courts incarcerating so many non-violent offenders??? WHY is there an extremely high incarceration rate in the NH prisons and jails for drug or driving offenses??? WHY is NH still using the same laws that were passed 30 years ago??? And how about our “Low-risk” offenders like John??? WHY are there Inmates like him in prison for such long periods of sentencing or placed on extremely long probation/parole restrictions??? Alternative sentencing anyone???
Hummm, dump "truth in sentencing" and "mandatory sentencing" altogether.
I’ll come right out and say this; I support Commissioner Wrenn and Deputy Commissioner McGonigle for addressing these issues and their attempt at making their views public. I also find it interesting that Natasha Frost, being from Massachusetts is on board w/NH and over-all changes too.
This is why I am sticking around. I want to help in any way I can to support the much needed changes within our prison system. But just as important I want to help (support) our PTO family in NH and anywhere else that I’m needed along the way. John’s, you have set a really important example today. You came into the forum and blew off some steam! That’s one of the reasons why PTO is here and you’ve made that perfectly clear. After-all, who else do we have to turn to when all others can’t understand or fail? Family and/or friends may want to help, while others may turn away. But for us, we’re on this doc journey together, and we PTO members have the best understanding out there! That makes me proud to be a member~
My thoughts and prayers are w/you both tonight~

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