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Originally Posted by jsgirl05 View Post
Im confused. the link provided was dated 2007, how come good time hasnt taken effect yet? im still new to all there something im missing here? i do know that good time was again recently talked about, and according to my fiance, should be going into effect soon, but is it? AAGGHH!!! theres so much i need to learn lol!
Hi jsgirl, the "good time" bill that you're referring to is HB 595, and it did pass. But the bill was revised/amended. It is now called a clemency bill.

HB595 -FN
Session Year 2008
Bill Docket
Bill Status
Bill Text
Title: (2nd New Title) requiring the commissioner of the department of corrections to adopt procedures establishing a policy on and procedures for an internal clemency board to review and make recommendations on requests for sentence modifications.
Senate Status: PASSED / ADOPTED
'Criteria for Suitability'
A. Category I Clemency Board
(Criteria for non-violent offenders)

This "good time" bill has come up every year and has been a subject discussed and debated for several years. The bill was revised in order for it to finally pass, reducing it down to what many of us had hoped for. However, your husband may apply as long as he has finished his doc-required programs and has been on good behavior. The final decision is made by the original sentencing court.
Here are a few discussions we had concerning HB 595. Click Here
If you scroll down on the main page of the NH forum, you'll see the many sub-forums along the left side of the page. Example; New Hampshire News & Events. In those sub-forums you'll find threads of many different subjects, including the "good time" bill. I hope that answered your question.
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