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Hi Lace...

Bibb far so good

Vistation= it's the only place we have been that children (not belonging to inmate) is allowed to visit as long as the visitor is the mother or father. Food is OK...its all in machine and takes debit cards that you purchase before you go in. The cards cost 1 dollar and you can put (so the sign states) up to 30.00 on it ( will not take the new 20 dollar bills--learned that the hard way) but i have put up to 37 dollars on it without any trouble..good thing is you take the card back home with you, so if you have funds left you can use it the next time. Hours are 1 to 8 every other gets pretty crowded and sometimes they (CO"S) will make the first 25 or so leave. I always get there a about 9:00 hoping that I don't get ask to leave when it does get crowded.

Programs- They don't have SAP classes but they do have "crime bill" classes that i believe is spin off of SAP, seems to be a better program. Its run by a woman named ms. Merdock and she seems to be good, as long as the inmate is "doing the right thing"

Location: Pretty hard to find it your not from around here...PM me and i'll give you a few hints on how to find it.

Mail: same old same old like the rest of the prisons.

Money: Keep him a week ahead...what they pay for this week they don't get until next week. What i do is the day I visit (sunday) i go to the post office there in Brent and mail him his money order..he gets in on the books by Wednesday..

Food:...Kenny say's its the worst...but then again he's quite picky...has stomack problems too.

it is one of the news prisons in alabama but way over crowded... allowed during visitation..
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