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Default 30 years!!

Originally Posted by pittsburgh15120 View Post
my man justgot sentenced to.30 years today...its for a.first.time felon..his criminal history points is a 3..this is a drug case..Is there any way he can best eligible for parole?? This doesnt seem right 30 years is too long. we have 3 kids together. is there anything i can do? also he had a 3 day trial and there wasnt one black that right?? i think it also has to do with racism.!
HI Pittsburg,

Oh my, you must be totally devastated. My heart took a jump when I read 30 years. This does not seem right, I agree.
Do you have a lawyer? Surely, there must be room for an appeal.
I hope that you can find the right people to help you with this.
Oh God, please help her.


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