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Originally Posted by 90bkeen View Post
Besides a loan how have you all paid for an attorney. I know there is also a public defender as an option, but they typically do not fight for your case and the bare minimum is done due to case work overload. I'm not saying this is the case with all of them, but my boyfriend and I were screwed before...trying to pay for a private attorney though.

I have tried the loan option, but unfortunately I am not able to take a loan out, and family is no help/option. I would do a gofundme but the nature of the case has deemed it impossible of anyone donating to help him. I feel like this post is full of exuses. I am not trying to make them, just trying to see if there are any options I have overlooked. TIA
Repeating information from elsewhere on this board - not my personal experience - there are good and bad PD's just as there are good and bad private attorneys. Here is what PD's generally will NOT do - return your call within an hour, or maybe return your call at all if there is nothing relevant to discuss. Tell you what visiting hours at the jail are or where to park. Tell you how to put money on your loved one's books. Hire expensive experts, or any experts at all unless they might actually affect the outcome of the case. Tell your LO that he/she is innocent and everything will be alright. Here is what PD's WILL do - address the meat of the case and fight for the best outcome possible (which may not be the best possible outcome).

When I was going through it with my ex-girlfriend, I was still very tight with her. My entire contact with her PD consisted of her having her secretary tell me what the rules were on bringing her clothes to wear to court (she never went to trial anyway) and calling me for about four minutes to tell me they made a plea deal and tell me where to send my "What a wonderful person she is" letter to the judge. Which was about all she SHOULD have said to me.
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