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Originally Posted by studebaker71 View Post
I paid my girls lawyer straight up cash. it sucked. But I did what I had to do and never look back.

We did the same thing for our son. Luckily we had saved a good bit towards retirement & live very simply. I know he would pay us back if he could but I doubt that will happen. He has been offered 16 great jobs since his release & all have rescinded the offers when his background came into the discussion. He sold his house while he was incarcerated because he couldn't continue paying the note with being unable to work. That money & what he saved for retirement is keeping him going right now. He does any IT work he can find & also does focus group surveys.
I definitely wouldn't put your house up for a home equity loan unless you can afford to do it without risking financial trouble yourself. Have you asked any advocacy groups in your area for suggestions? Even Legal Aid groups might have suggestions.
I know people poo-poo public defenders & I get it but not all paid lawyers are any better. I know because we have used 5 so far in different levels. None of them were hand holders so don't think because you pay that they are necessarily going to be more supportive. Ask around for lawyers that people you trust can recommend. If it's a specialized crime I suggest looking for an attorney experienced in those kinds of cases. It can make all the difference in the world.
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